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  1. Tora
    Where can I post a question with out just having to make a new thread?
    1. The G-Meister
      The G-Meister
      There's the Beta FAQ thread in General discussions but why not make a new thread? I mean you could just make a profile post like this one and people will answer :P
      Mar 24, 2017 at 7:37 PM
  2. rebel clone 15
    rebel clone 15
    I can't wait for the next update for this game, it will be awesome(I hope)!
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  3. Hobo
    1. Kana
      Mar 25, 2017 at 6:26 PM
  4. Howling
  5. Zydrune
  6. CatBug
    Stupid steroid bots
  7. Jenkolegs
    Rabbys in arcade be like...
  8. RogueGeek
    "You've met with a terrible fate haven't you?" - Happy Mask Salesman, MM
  9. Uncharted
    idk why I wrote this.
    1. Kana
      Hi, welcome!, In case you're looking for some general information, check out pinned threads, especially in the News and Announcements, and General Discussion sections
      Feb 16, 2017
  10. Kana
    Kana camapis31
    Hey, Welcome to the forums!
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    2. Kana
      I forgot that bots could become members lol
      Feb 16, 2017
    3. The G-Meister
      The G-Meister
      They probably found an exploit in the creating accounts algorithm for human checking.
      Also, more generally, I tend to only say hi to people who say hi first on the internet, as some may not want to have attention brought to them. Lurkers, if you will :P
      Feb 16, 2017
    4. Kana
      I figured that out pretty quickly after thinking about it... I'm not too experienced in the cybersocial realm...
      Feb 16, 2017
  11. Tibbysan
    I hope to say that one day secrets of grindea will be on the 3ds or console in general when this game is complete.
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  12. xEleaa
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  13. Kana
    Comatose in a snow and silk cocoon. I like hugs too! Sort of.
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    2. Tibbysan
      *hugs* :)
      Feb 5, 2017
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  14. Kana
    Comatose in a snow and silk cocoon
  15. The G-Meister
    The G-Meister
    Apparently we're giving out hugs to everyone this evening. Here's my hug to you <3
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  16. Zydrune
    Zydrune The G-Meister
    Aaaaalllll the hugs.
    1. The G-Meister
      The G-Meister
      Hugs all round! <3
      Feb 1, 2017
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    2. Zydrune
      Feb 1, 2017
  17. Tibbysan
    Tibbysan The G-Meister
    1. The G-Meister
      The G-Meister
      *returns hugs*
      Jan 31, 2017
  18. Zydrune
  19. Jenkolegs
    Anyone want spaghetti? I suddenly have a craving for spaghetti.
    1. res7less
      Make sure to plug in the microwave this time.
      Jan 26, 2017
    2. Jenkolegs
      All the settings say 'spaghetti'
      Mar 2, 2017
  20. sss
    I wish I was a millionaire right now just so I could give these guys all the resources in the world to get this completed sooner!
    1. The G-Meister
      The G-Meister
      Money doesn't buy production in the Pixel Ferrets, my friend. Try playing something else while the updates roll out - or complete the game 100% or on Hard, /beastmode on or Arcade. I've racked up 940 hours on the current content alone, let alone future updates :P
      Jan 24, 2017