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  1. Aro-Knight

    Crunchatize me Sabrina

    That's a shame, Thanks for the welcome.
  2. Aro-Knight

    Veteran members wanted

    I sent le player request G-Meister
  3. Aro-Knight

    Welcome to the forum. Steam RQ sent

    Welcome to the forum. Steam RQ sent
  4. Aro-Knight

    The False Positives of Arcade Chests (a rant about gear drops in Arcade)

    Some challenge rooms are freaking impossible in 1 Player mode. (Im looking at you chicken herding) Having just one room where you can walk in for a reward... that room isn't even guaranteed to show up on every floor. Its a break and its nice. Also its one of the ways for multiplayers to get...
  5. Aro-Knight

    Veteran members wanted

    There is no rush, when you get the time I will probably be here.
  6. Aro-Knight

    Crunchatize me Sabrina

    Yes I do, (and I like the ps2 games a good deal) the bracelet is quite simple. When an enemy has protect break, quickly go to the menu before they die (or protect restore) and select for the skills "Data Drain" (you must have the camera on the on enemy or else targeting them will not be an...
  7. Aro-Knight

    Crunchatize me Sabrina

    Aight. So I am aro-knight. I, like many of you, am an RPG hound. I don't get the chance to play co-op very often and I was literally handed this game from someone, and I have been playing it ever since. Its a lot of fun. Im fairly into FF, I play ps1 and ps2 games a lot as PS3 RPG's seem to go...
  8. Aro-Knight

    Veteran members wanted

    I want you the player whom is atleast fairly experienced to join me to play this games arcade mode at various points in time. Only post if you have managed to get to level 5 in arcade mode solo.
  9. Aro-Knight

    The False Positives of Arcade Chests (a rant about gear drops in Arcade)

    Im pretty satisfied with gear drop. I usually play mage and sometimes I get an attack ring or a bad piece of armor. Sell and buy something good if I can.
  10. Aro-Knight

    Crafting Recommendations

    I would enjoy seeing a soul caliber inspired weapon or 2. That and more stuff geared towards mages.
  11. Aro-Knight

    Great game, but catching pets DDR-style? Horrible!

    them there presents are a hard catch indeed. hmmmmm.... perhaps a button mashing element or a drop rate trade sort of like how if you defeated a deku scrub in Zelda ocarina of time you would get an option to buy something. Something like that.
  12. Aro-Knight

    A small change: 1 essence per 100,000 total score, not per 100,000 run score.

    Maybe its just me, but I can easily clear the first 5 floors solo, I find it routine in a good way... cant get much past floor 5 recently. Multiplayer seems to be worse whenever I play with 2 others, as they don't add as much to the damage factor without taking damage in the first place...
  13. Aro-Knight

    Welcome to the forum : )

    Welcome to the forum : )
  14. Aro-Knight

    [Suggesstion] Healer Class?

    HP= Survival Points... or something and like, everyone else says: OP. I do miss white mages and stuff tho...