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    Version 0.56i

    Hit & Run with a two hand weapon. When he lands you move in and hit him before running away. If you do this he won't be able to smack you with his hammer and you should have time to move away from his jump. Should be doable with a one hand but i allways stand a bit too far away and just hit the air.
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    First Impressions 2.0

    General impressions: Love it. The first thing i did when leaving the house at the start of the story mode was standing still and enjoying the fantastic art. What you liked the most: Loot. Loot everywhere. I love loot and this one got a lot of it. Also the most fun dialog i have experienced in a...
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    Version 0.56i

    Finally starting to beat that motha fucking slime in arcade mode. I usualy wait untill he gets a decent speed and then i stop him with my shield and run away, preventing him from flying around spitting slime over the whole room. I use 2h sword and the spin attack for DPS. I usualy get cocky at...