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  1. Eiroth

    I think I'll disappear from my memory.

    Not yet, but the end is approaching gradually. The final boss of arcade mode is in its final testing phase, and the final boss of story mode could arrive within the year. Exactly when the game will be finished is anyone's guess though
  2. Eiroth

    I just released "Pikselhjerte" an animated love letter to retro videogames

    Excellent! Nice to recognize a sound effect here or there.
  3. Eiroth

    Arcade Buff Statues

    I definitely agree that it would be nice if they were active for the entire floor, or perhaps a set number of battle rooms. Having a buff run out because you're busy shopping feels a bit strange...
  4. Eiroth

    Play time

    436 apparently. I honestly thought it would be more.
  5. Eiroth

    [Bug] The winter shield still uses the old freeze animation

    Ooops, didn't see your post, sorry
  6. Eiroth

    [Bug] The winter shield still uses the old freeze animation

    Basically the title. Just froze a monkey and it turned into a big block of ice like the old times. It was also still able to move and attack, even though the sprite wasn't moving.
  7. Eiroth

    Tai Ming's two songs switch places if you fast travell

    I noticed after teleporting to Tai ming that the peaceful song was playing in the present version and vice versa. I think it had something to do with the fact that I fast travelled to get there...
  8. Eiroth

    References in Secrets of Grindea

    Let's not give this guy a lightsaber, or we'll have three prequels on our hands...
  9. Eiroth

    [Gameplay] Immortal monkey prevents gates from unlocking

    I had the exact same thing happen to me in both rooms with monkeys, but I was using earth spike. I guess they have the same knock-up effect, so it probably has something to do with that
  10. Eiroth

    How rare are Rabbit's Foot and Slime Hat in Story Mode?

    They're the true barrier to 100 % completion...
  11. Eiroth

    Ancient Language?

    Yeah, the second level of antiquity is probably the most likely explanation
  12. Eiroth

    Ancient Language?

    I was just wondering how far back in time the people speaking the Ancient language the linguist in the Collectors HQ is studying is, considering that we have no trouble understanding the Tai Ming citizens.
  13. Eiroth

    [Visual] Runes from Cursed Priestess don't dissapear after death

    It looks really cool though...
  14. Eiroth

    [Visual] Lighting reverts back to Ancient Tai Ming if you die in present day Tai Ming

    Specifically, this happens where the first enemies you meet are Edit: Ooops, I think it was just my imagination, wow...
  15. Eiroth

    What's the time span for the Prismatic talent?

    Wow, now I can finally stop rushing my spells, thank you!
  16. Eiroth

    What's the time span for the Prismatic talent?

    As a mage, I often try to maximize EP efficiency, but I'm not sure how long you can wait inbetween spells without cancelling the Prismatic cost reduction. Is there anyone who knows the exact numbers?
  17. Eiroth

    [Gameplay] [Visual]

    Ok, first thing to report is that if you knock up a spinsect with something like earth spike whilst it's preparing to spin it will act as though it's spinning and run around the room but their walking animation plays instead. They can't do any damage when this happens and they won't ever stop...
  18. Eiroth

    Version 0.611alabama

    I definitely felt it was too easy, I got the first two cards literally seconds after entering Mt Bloom
  19. Eiroth


    Thank you so much, I finally beat it after about 3 hours, thanks so much for the tips!
  20. Eiroth


    Ok, so I've been stuck on the Sentry Boss in Flying Fortress for something like two hours, and I need crucial information: Do I suck, does my build suck (which would also suggest that I suck) or does my tactic suck (and by extension me). I'm lvl 13, using Flamethrower lvl 8, earth spike lvl 3...