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    Tai Ming City Suggestion

    Although the city looks great and is really beautiful (good job guys) I think it feels a little crowded and cramped compared to the rest of the game. Something I think could help is to have less plants like the bamboo and flowers, space out the city a little more, or make other areas in the game...
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    Sometimes my friend can't keep his shadow from stabbing Important NPCs

    He was being an ass and needed to be stabbed. Sorry if my inner self does what my outer self can't.
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    Healing Ability/Talent

    Yeah I had a thought it would be op thanks for the link I'll check out what other people are saying
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    Healing Ability/Talent

    Heyo, when playing thus game with my friend, some of the boss fights (temple of seasons) had really frequent attacks so if one of us died, we couldn't rez the other because we didn't have enough time between the attacks. This made me think, why isn't there a healing ability or talent to help...
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    [Visual] Yeti pushes you into walls

    While I was farming some yeti I was hit and pushed back, but instead of stopping when I hit the wall I was glitched into the wall where I could not walk away, enemies were still agro'd on me but could not reach me but I could still hit them. This made farming easier but I could not leave until I...