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    New Music!

    Low is now available on: Spotify Apple Music Bandcamp ...and most other streaming platforms! I deeply appreciate everyone who listens. This is a lyric video for the lone lyrical track on the album, with vocals from the great vocalist Ami (heard on the "Learn Japanese Pod" podcast, and her...
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    New Music!

    I have a new full length album coming out August 8 titled Low. This will likely be the last non soundtrack, full length release from me for the foreseeable future. This track is titled Hiccup, and features violins from Betania Hernández. Everything else by me (drums, piano, koto, erhu, cello...
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    New Music!

    I have new music again! Out now on Spotify, Bandcamp, and many other streaming services (Apple Music will have it sooner or later): “Love Will Change Us” is my latest four track EP with three songs featuring Japanese vocalist Marika and one instrumental featuring Brazilian artist Beto Braga on...
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    New Music!

    Hello again, I have new music! 2020 was bumming me out a bit, so I thought I’d take a trip back to the 1980s (the decade of my birth). A simpler time, when the future idea of 2020 was full of neon lights, flying cars, hover boards, and fingerless gloves. Efflux Waves is a synth-driven...
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    Secrets of Grindea soundtrack now on Bandcamp

    Hah, as much as I’d like to publish some of the yet to be released music, I think it will probably be best heard in-game for the first time. Plus there are bound to be some thematic spoilers as the OST winds down! :0
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    Secrets of Grindea soundtrack now on Bandcamp

    Howdy! I’ve just released the SoG soundtrack on Bandcamp, so you can check it out there in addition to Steam. Bandcamp allows you to stream the entire soundtrack for free, so if you’re a little strapped for cash...
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    Version 0.820c

    Ok, I’ve finally gotten around to trying out the latest update. First of all, it’s great to see that I have a fan in Sally! Second, I laughed pretty hard at the dialogue from the pianist in the Saloon. Because it’s so very true... (saloon.mp3) General thoughts: I like the pacing and general...
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    New Music!

    Thank you all for listening, it means a lot to me. MrChocodemon: I'm glad you like Heartbeat, and no worries on not liking R.P.G. - it's definitely the most "different" track on the album. So while I'm not sure I understand the 90s film reference, I can appreciate that it's not for everyone...
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    New Music!

    O.K.! Adrift is finally out on Bandcamp and Spotify. It'll be out on iTunes in the coming days, along with other digital outlets like Pandora and Google Music Store. You can stream it for free on Bandcamp, though. I've also made a few more...
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    New Music!

    Teddy: I'm confident we can have that remake done in time for the PC2, when they release the long awaited sequel to the personal computer. We could always go with a vocal track for the current version of Grindea, too. I'm thinking "Ode to Uncle Vev," with lyrics touching on the universal...
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    New Music!

    Thank you very much for listening! I'm really happy with Marika's work on this track and I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.
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    New Music!

    Hello! I'm Andrew Riley, the composer for Secrets of Grindea. For the past year or so, I've been quietly working on an album of (mostly) Japanese language electronic/pop music titled "Adrift," which features three different vocalists. While it's not specifically designed to sound like VGM, the...
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    Wrapping up the Mount Bloom Arcade Mode remix! Confession: I've never made it past the Pumpkin...

    Wrapping up the Mount Bloom Arcade Mode remix! Confession: I've never made it past the Pumpkin Woods on Arcade :(
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    Version 0.680a

    Yo! I'll send you a link to an mp3 of the song in a little bit, Own. Or anyone else who wants it, just let me know. The library is meant for game developers who plan to use the song in a commercial project (hence the price tag), so if you're interested in it for listening purposes only, I'm...
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    Writing new music for the next temple, hope everyone enjoys Mt. Bloom in the meantime!

    Writing new music for the next temple, hope everyone enjoys Mt. Bloom in the meantime!
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    Secrets of Grindea Miniboss theme: Drum and Bass Remix

    Very cool, man! How long did that take you? Most songs I write are burned into my head exactly as they are (since I have to hear them hundreds of times during the writing, recording, and mixing processes), so hearing someone else's take on one of them was a really interesting experience. So...
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    Hey Luther, welcome to the forum and thanks for the kind words about the soundtrack! GoodStuff is right about the Jumpkin Teir+ being the only way to get the soundtrack right now, but there will be ways to buy the soundtrack on its own eventually. Hopefully sooner than later!
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    What's all this then, eh? Drinking coffee at midnight and recording new music for Grindea! :0

    What's all this then, eh? Drinking coffee at midnight and recording new music for Grindea! :0
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    Have Legendary Blacksmith Tier and is looking for Idea's anyone have any?

    I believe he purchased the Legendary Blacksmith pre-order tier, which lets you design a weapon for the game. To Ray, I would say... follow your heart! Unless your heart tells you to make the weapon Snowbacca themed, requiring the killing of hundreds or thousands of Snowbaccas, at which point I...
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    Frontline Version: 0.580b

    Just finished this up. Really impressed with the cutscene work. Luke, in particular, was awesome, and I died once during the train/bomb "challenge" because I kept watching Luke and Naniva struggle with the puzzle. The moment when the bag's eyes went wide was super awesome stuff. I wrote down a...