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    Mimik attack patterns - how to avoid last wave

    hey guys, i had an arcadegame a few days ago where mimik forgot to spit out its last wave. the one with the Tai Ming enemies, especially the Echo of Madness. anyone of u recognized how not to trigger it?! like against GUN-D4M, if u make enough dmg to the fists it skips the rockets?! i tried the...
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    Arcade: Last Spell, FF, FT build

    hey, tried a new build last days with FF, FT und last spell on arcade. quite hard receiving enough/not too much dmg to enable it :D any ideas on increasing DMGoutput? anyone tried Specialist? hard to quantify the dmg-gain 'cause its not directly reflected in MATK :bag: maybe snapcast is another...
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    Dropping on orbs in winter/after Gun-D4M-Fight in Arcade/multiplayer

    Hey, just found out there is no possibilty avoiding dropping on the orb after the Gun-D4M-fight on multiplayer arcademode when entering winter-lvl. No prob on singleplayer. As soon as there are >1P one drops on it :( quite annoying with last-spell-build :D -h0ffi`
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    searching for german players

    Are there any ambitious german players want to join us in 3on3 arcade? =) pm or add me on steam - same nick
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    Hi, after our long journey of searching for a new challenge ;)... long story short: i would like to suggest some kind of a arcade-versus-mode: -you play in split screen so u can see what the other players are doing -each floor has the same rooms with the same enemies for each player -after the...