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  1. Fark

    I just released "Pikselhjerte" an animated love letter to retro videogames

    Check it out here :) If you pay extra attention during these 15 minutes, you might be able to unlock true ending ;) IMDB - link
  2. Fark

    April Fools

    The day where you might as well take a day off from trying to read articles on internet :p Well, I admit I've seen some good ones (by a certain group of pixellated ferrets ;) ) Anyways. I've had this tiny idea for an "april fools"-video for a few years, which I shot a couple of days ago: (with...
  3. Fark

    Hello from the SoG sound designer!

    ;) Oh yes indeed, Teddio:cool: at birth i distributed all my skill points toward video and audio and forgot social so I'm just a sociopath who make barking sounds at strangers . Jokes aside: thanks, man.;) And congrats on the forum.
  4. Fark

    Hello from the SoG sound designer!

    Hello (w/ Toad voice) I'm Hallvard, one of the sound designers for Secrets of Grindea. Being just about old enough to experience a childhood with C64 and Amiga, I was very inspired by the more intimate and beautiful melodies some composers were able to squeeze into the low amount of channels...