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  1. Faangzzz

    Softlock in second dojo trial

    I can't move and the bee's ai in the dojo is making it attack the wall repeatedly. Sometimes the bees' position changes slightly between attacks and this one made it passed me somehow.
  2. Faangzzz

    Barrier still breaks if you dodge

    The barrier skill still seems like it takes damage even if an attack is dodged. I'm only noticing it happen on the last hit (as in, I dodge and the barrier breaks simultaneously) so I don't know if it's only on the last hit that this triggers. The source of my dodge is the card of the purple...
  3. Faangzzz

    Killed the evil eye boss before it phased

    Using some of the new items I was working on some builds and using the evil eye as a dps dummy, but it looks like it doesn't properly end the fight if it dies before it comes out of the wall (it's hard to tell but the fight is over in this image). I started submitting this thinking I was locked...
  4. Faangzzz

    What's the highest you've ever gotten your Attack/Magic Attack?

    If you join a friend's session, all the chests reset so you can get multiples of loot
  5. Faangzzz

    Misc. Talent and Skill Balance Suggestions

    Blink: I think Blink would benefit from a weaker EP penalty curve. A longer duration on the EP penalty with a slower curve for the EP scaling would reduce the immediate need to duck out of combat and regen if you use it a few times in a row but would still reduce a player's ability to act...
  6. Faangzzz

    What's the highest you've ever gotten your Attack/Magic Attack?

    Title- plus, what sort of gimicky things have you had to do to get your stats so high? I've been using the energy drain blindfold and two skull rings to keep my health constantly below 30% for the damage buff that gives, and I managed to get my crit to 100 so that the multipliers scale the...
  7. Faangzzz

    Dyable Hats?

    E.g. implementing a way to put a filter on existing hat assets, or to hue shift hats based on a selected color. It's a minute detail but in my experience in ffxiv and gw2 dye systems add a lot of flexibility to character customization. Something similar for skills would also be neat, either as...
  8. Faangzzz

    The problem with pets.

    I mean I've gotten every card and grind for money periodically but I've never gotten remotely enough money for that. Maybe it's because I spent so much on housing?
  9. Faangzzz

    The problem with pets.

    whoa how do you get your pet to such a high level? the most I've managed was around 20 before it became too tedious for me
  10. Faangzzz

    Pre-Order Announcement and Q&A

    Have you changed your game over to Frontline? In your steam library right click on secrets of grindea, click on properties, go to the Betas tab and change the beta option from NONE to Frontline. Let your game update after that; if it doesn't fix it you'll have to post a bug report.
  11. Faangzzz

    Suggestion: Movement and Positioning Skills

    I like the idea of rehashing some of the utility skills in general. Not too sure how I feel about the utility buffs atm, and I'd prefer they didn't need to be recast every few seconds. Taking away however much ep it'd normally take to cast it as if it was a summon would be nice quality of life.
  12. Faangzzz

    Rethinking the Design of Shields

    I think this is a grand way to get people into it. There's a pretty hefty learning curve from first learning what a perfect guard is straight into fighting phaseman.
  13. Faangzzz

    SoG Fanart

    I don't have either of those but i do have a twitter if ya use that Here it is!
  14. Faangzzz

    The GIF ordeal (hёlp!)

    OH I see, that makes sense. I've only used them for demo-ing animations so I'd never tried to do anything other than full transparency aand that's good to know,,
  15. Faangzzz

    SoG Fanart

    I love the frontline story and the eye enemies are very cute. I want to pet them....hold them. Tiny creatures
  16. Faangzzz

    The GIF ordeal (hёlp!)

    I have a friend who makes twitch overlays, I'll ask her Edit: If you still aren't able to put it together satisfactorily, you can dm me the files and I'll try and make it for ya in clip
  17. Faangzzz

    Rethinking the Design of Shields

    I was thinking on this and instead of the shielding or guarding.. What do yall think of a parry/clash mechanic? Thinking of hollow knight here, where attacking at the exact moment an enemy attacks causes both of your attacks to be cancelled out. Ignoring balance concerns, what do yall think...
  18. Faangzzz

    i am just a creature.....i am just vibing

    i am just a creature.....i am just vibing
  19. Faangzzz

    Rethinking the Design of Shields

    Honestly what scares me about using shields more than them breaking is the idea of Perfect Guards. I'm not good at timing windows that small, and even though I've spend time trying to learn how to do it in SoG I still can't P Guard the first few floors of enemies in arcade mode. If I can't block...