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  1. Kana

    Save my Sanity ( Or whats left of it)

    I need help with the first enemy and turning off motion blur :/
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  3. Kana

    [Suggestion(s)] Passive skills

    This is good, so I should establish that I didn't think that ~G was only referring to healing. Quite the contrary. I mean to avoid speaking only on it myself. However unlike ~G, I am still an advocate for healing, and how if it (and other support/passive skills) were treated more like the...
  4. Kana

    Meet the NPCs in their quest locations during Festival

    I'd like to know what happened to that other girl who passed, I think her name was Mei Ling?
  5. Kana

    Free Games / Gifting Some Humble Games

    I have a copy of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare up for grabs.
  6. Kana

    A frustrating, confusing way to play: Follow the leader.

    I somehow envision an unstoppable team of hyper-coordinated players moving as one developing from this. :eek::p
  7. Kana

    Let's Play Through Mount Bloom

    Better than IHeartPie! :p Have you tried out Tai Ming in the Frontline version?
  8. Kana

    How do you..

    I don't know, but I speculate that it has to do with the sapling you were standing next to, like the others that are right below unreachable places. I assumed that you can access them later in the game, as an incentive to revisit areas. Only the game isn't finished. As far as we know, it...
  9. Kana

    [Visual] Tai Ming changes time via switch

    Are you able to replicate it, or produce any kind of similar result?
  10. Kana

    [Visual] It's SO SHINY.

    It was difficult for me to realize that you are referring to the semi-visible blue orb at the top, since the image is perfectly framed around the meter display. :p I don't know what that is myself.
  11. Kana

    [Visual/Text] Arcade lobby text box

    I saw someone else post this bug earlier.
  12. Kana

    EP changes upon entering a new Arcade room

    I really like the idea, particularly example 3. I can see how it would help balance things. But if we are looking for a solution to make all abilities balanced in a way that reflects their balance in story mode, I think much harsher measures would need to be taken. Arcade is nice, because it...
  13. Kana

    Customizable Birthday

    @Teddy You da bes'! :p
  14. Kana

    Is it weird if...

    The game brings that up, I hope I can avoid one at at all costs! Being a homicidal psychopath in the name of grinding 100% would be more than a turnoff to me. Especially in an rpg... when it comes to that, this is why some people think DnD is diabolical. But then again, are we fighting to...
  15. Kana

    Customizable Birthday

    Well, they say that birth is the start of the ultimate adventure. We can choose our friends and enemies, but not our family and neighbors. It could be said that having a random start does make sense.
  16. Kana

    So, I forgot to introduce myself.

    Hi! A role-player? *rubs hands excitedly* *dingle* I haven't anything to pawn, but what have you got to sell? And is there anything interesting you have on hold?
  17. Kana

    Customizable Birthday

    Hiya! Welcome! Hey, someone else suggested this too! /Commands (That's 2 running!) :)
  18. Kana

    I figured that out pretty quickly after thinking about it... I'm not too experienced in the...

    I figured that out pretty quickly after thinking about it... I'm not too experienced in the cybersocial realm...
  19. Kana

    I forgot that bots could become members lol

    I forgot that bots could become members lol