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  1. DatPokemonFan

    Thanks Devs!

    I'll try and keep this short and sweet. Before i played Secrets of Grindea i was always so upset that i could never find the "perfect RPG game" I Wanted a fun skill based RPG with good amounts of choices, skills, and overall NPCS. But as i kept on searching and searching, Grindea caught my eye...
  2. DatPokemonFan

    Are there any new commands?

    Thank you! :p
  3. DatPokemonFan

    Are there any new commands?

    So. its been a while since Ive been on Secrets of grindea and I was wondering if there were any new commands for the v0.710b Verison. The main reason I'm asking is because I think we should add some fun commands to arcade mode. (I want some :P) If there are some, notify me about it and...
  4. DatPokemonFan

    Frosty Friend Glitch

    So in Tai Ming (I played through all of it) I'm fighting Plantae Hostilis', I Summon my Frosty friend and when he goes to fight them he just keeps walking into them back and forth and spazzes out on my screen. He only attacks them when I issue him to smash. He attacks everything else fine but...