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  1. Devel0per

    Thanks Devs!

    And I have a question. Do you still game outside of testing our SoG? I've hit a road block and I'd like to know if you still game outside of SoG
  2. Devel0per

    Thanks Devs!

    This is truly a beautiful game! I'm only fifteen and this game has inspired me to attempt to make my own.
  3. Devel0per

    Alexander, champion of all things Snes

    Alexander, champion of all things Snes
  4. Devel0per

    References in Secrets of Grindea

    The first dungeon (the flying fortress) is a reference to secrets of mana and the mana fortress or something close (I can't remember) and the last two so far are a reference to Oracle of seasons and Oracle of ages in that order
  5. Devel0per

    Tons of Secrets of Grindea Coverage Here!

    What the hell are the cat heads on the map?!?
  6. Devel0per

    Ancient Mimic of Meer

    Ancient Mimic of Meer
  7. Devel0per

    Version 0.706a

    Where is my house so i can decorate it?