1. A

    [GAMEPLAY] Temple of Seasons Story Mode Secrets Completion Bug

    I have unlocked all 5 chests at Temple of Seasons, yet it still shows my secret completion as 4/5 on the map. Checked multiple times that I indeed had 5 "opened chests" in the area, so unless there's another secret other than the chests, it's probably a bug. This is the only thing blocking me...
  2. H

    Bug: Can't complete "A Frozen Fairytale" after beating boss and obtaining the gauntlet

    Hello, Me and my friend just beat the boss and obtained the gauntlet. Our quest text changed to "Return the artifact to your father" but he won't talk to us. When we talk to him it just says his generic lines and nothing about the quest. There's also no exclamation mark above him. Something...
  3. MrChocodemon

    [Bug?] 10% completion on a new profile

    I just started a new character and just made my way to Evergrind City, not even started the collectors exam and I have already 10% completion. I'm not sure if this is a bug.