crash report

  1. G

    [CRASH] Game Crashes on Launch

    Whenever I attempt to launch Secret of Grindea, the game crashes on launch. Version: Frontline. Here is the crash log below: Version: Auto Unstable Error: System.ArgumentException: Absolute path information is required. at...
  2. galactictuna

    Game deadly crash during main quest

    Heyo everyone. A few days ago I decided to start a new game and have been doing a great playthrough, honestly. However, I'm facing a big problem with the game crashing. During the first boss fight in the Seasons Temple, against Summer and Autumn, the game simply crash whenever I hit them. Help!!
  3. R

    Game crashes when interacting with objects in the ancient temple

    So I went in the ancient flying temple, tried to activate something and the game crashed, I tried that multiple times in different areas but it still crashes. I tried to install vcredist x64 and x86 thinking that it could happen because I don't have them installed but still nothing. Please help...
  4. J

    [Bug] Game crashes at Flying Fortress

    when entering here, game loads and then crashes, every time. Please help, I enjoy the game. Steam version downloaded yesterday.
  5. G

    Crash with new update

    in the new update my game crashes whenever i try to go to the second half of tai ming and i cant figure out why or how to fix it, some help would be appreciated.