1. B

    Summer wizard drops

    Am I the only one who can not find any summer wizards in the temple of seasons after completing the story mode? I do not have the summer wizard hat as collectible item yet but they don't spawn in the temple after defeating the bosses.
  2. M

    General Feedback - Long Review

    Hello, fellow grinders. I'm back to playing Grindea after almost a 1,5 year hiatus. I was quite confused by all the new updates and mechanics, to say the least, but since I've already beaten the game again (and farmed everything), I bring this post to analyze some things in detail and others not...
  3. XxX_MLG Noob_XxX

    [Suggsestion | Cards] Enemy-Specific Spawn Areas

    WARNING: This holds what some may consider spoilers for the story. If you have not yet completed the story in its current state, proceed at your own risk. I'm sure enough people have posted about adjusting card drop issues, but hear me out. What if there were enemy-specific spawn rooms...