1. I

    Command question

    If i use a command like the perk points one in co-op would it also give the points to anyone else in the game? If so would it change if I used the command when I was solo then would anyone joining my game get the points apon arrival?
  2. G

    Evil Eye VERY difficult

    I have been stuck on Evil Eye for a week. My significant other who plays Dark Souls and game like that has also tried and we can't beat him. Which really sucks because I LOVE this game. I have been playing/following Secrets of Grindea for over 5 years and I get so excited when a new area gets...
  3. MarbleCake

    At 98% progress --> Help me troubleshoot what I'm missing! :)

    Recently stumbled onto this game on steam and fell completely in love within minutes, ended up gifting it to about half a dozen friends as well. At the point where I'm trying to finish everything currently in the game on a story mode file. I'd thought I'd done absolutely everything but the 98%...
  4. S

    Can't Get Past the Menu

    Hi there I'm having a problem, I just tried launching the game for the first time in a while and I cant select literally anything on the menu screen now. This has never happened to me before, and the only thing that works is my arrow keys. I can't select anything and I really wanna play the game :(
  5. DatPokemonFan

    Frosty Friend Glitch

    So in Tai Ming (I played through all of it) I'm fighting Plantae Hostilis', I Summon my Frosty friend and when he goes to fight them he just keeps walking into them back and forth and spazzes out on my screen. He only attacks them when I issue him to smash. He attacks everything else fine but...
  6. Tearry

    [Gameplay?] Teddy?HALP! XP bug again, or is it even a bug?

    Hey, Teddy HALP! I think I found similar thing I found out before with the XP being mixed up between the Season Temple Knights and Mages and Santas Factory Present boxes.. Its been a long time since I played SoG, so I thought it might be a good idea since Tai Ming and all this cool kind of stuff...
  7. Aria

    Lab coat? Stuck at 99% completion!

    Stuck :/ Collecting every card, completed trophies, collected all drops from monsters, completed all puzzles necessary, got 12k on the archery minigame, crafted all items and completed every single quest possible. I doubt this lab coat item will give me a whole 1%, but I dunno where it is...
  8. R

    Unable to start the game

    I just had a friend buy the game so we can play together, i hadn't played in a few weeks but now it refuses to start. When i launch the game it just immediately says "The game is deaded". I've tried the following Running as admin, Reinstalling the game, Going into the appdata and deleting...
  9. D

    Help in mount bloom

    In mount bloom when entering the poison room where you scare the guard with mushrooms there is 2 caves. One in right for story mode and one on left is a posion room with breakable crystals in there. Has anyone gotten past it????