1. A

    Is there a way to sell wallpaper/floors/furniture?

    If there is I may just be too dumb to figure it out (this is entirely possible) but there doesn't seem to be a way to sell anything related to the housing. I accidentally bought more than one of a wallpaper and I don't need the dupicate for anything. But I have no way of gettnig rid of it to my...
  2. CataclysmG

    [Housing] Moving candles from a table to the floor then cancelling crashes the game

    Simply the title. I moved my candles from the table to the ground, decided I didn't like it, and cancelled my change. The game subsequently crashed. In other news, I finished the current beta after restoring a backup from my last bug, so that's cool. Might test out some stuff that could be buggy.
  3. A

    [Housing][Gameplay] Bedbugs! Well, a bug involving beds...

    I have encountered a rather interesting bug in the housing beta involving the controller bindings and colorable furniture. As far as I have been able to determine, it occurs only with furniture that can be colorized, not with other furniture, and it only works when using the controller (I have...
  4. O

    Home Bug: When visited by friend, they cannot pass certain areas, due to size changes made.

    I'll link two screenshots rather than explaining, as they do everything for you. The above is me, within my house. This is the view of the person visiting me. That is issue one. Issue two, being that the visitor is seeing "phantom rooms" by which I mean, previous layouts that I have since...
  5. S


    It's currently possible to create almost any layout imaginable with your house right now, if you have enough wood. One of the only things I've noticed it's missing is pillars, the ability to place walls in the middle of a room without connecting that wall to the edge of the room. I think with...
  6. SuperShinyStar

    suggestion for area gimmicks

    personally, ive been full of ideas for areas. i dont know if you guys already have these ideas in mind. but im gonna post it anyway. -Water level, making the water level rise and drop like in the water temple in ocarine of time, seems like a fun idea to use. (even tho the water temple wasnt all...
  7. Mipster

    [Crash]Wisp House, Furniture

    I placed a Wisp, the new furniture. When I tried to interact with it, the game just crashes/closed without an error window. The bug happened in the front line version 0.705a .
  8. MrChocodemon

    [Suggestion] [Housing] Orb of Seasons - Grey is boring

    I think you propably know but the orb of seasons is missing 1 color and items change design befor being completely washed over. EDIT: @TripDering and @res7less are propably right and this is intended behaviour. So I'd like to suggest that the grey should be changed to something different...