1. F

    My Thoughts on Healing

    Overall, healing in this game is going to be rather limited and highly situational in quite a wide variety of ways. I was reading through a few forum posts and saw one of the problems discussed being adding a healing / support role. One of the main problems is finding a suitable "spell" that...
  2. F

    Endgame Players Suggestion

    Heya, so I started playing this game a bit ago and I have to say, with the whole fact I really dislike any RPG that doesn't require intense reactions and hardcore gameplay, I absolutely love this game. Despite the fact only 3 temples are currently out (with the third lacking the ending thus...
  3. eXoChuck

    Some Ideas.

    Hey guys, im a german Fan of this game so my english is not the best so . i heard about this game because a friend shows me. and so i figured it out! first it was very short but than we tried the arcade mode and its very funny and you allways try it again because you want to get more points...