mount bloom

  1. M

    [Gameplay] Completed mount bloom but getting 12/13

    I've completed mount bloom 100% today but on the game screen ive only achieved 12/13 secrets. I have triple checked every chest to make sure they were opened. Below i've added a list of the 13 secrets mount bloom has to offer all of which i've done. Chest - Red Emitter Matrix Chest -...
  2. Kotaro

    Almost at 100%, I miss just ONE thing ! please help me :) (spoiler)

    SPOILER ALERT Okay so, I just missed one chest on mount bloom... It's the last chest on the phasing mini-game, I really don't know how I can get it and I really need your help... This is a screenchot from the place thanks for your help ! (I hide my wapon and shield just in case XD)
  3. D

    Help in mount bloom

    In mount bloom when entering the poison room where you scare the guard with mushrooms there is 2 caves. One in right for story mode and one on left is a posion room with breakable crystals in there. Has anyone gotten past it????