1. Huanget

    Game crash when swapping pet

    I just got my pet Rabby and I didn't equipment it immediately, I want to change my current pet from Mrs. Bee to Rabby, after entered some wrong menu, I enterd the Swap pet menu, then the game crashed after I selected Rabby. I'm using the chinese version from steam workshop, then the error report...
  2. L


    Pet status reset. I do not know the pet's specification yet I misplaced my favorite pet status so I want you to add a way to reset or lower it! Depending on translation I am sorry for my English being incomprehensible.
  3. ThatOneGuy


    The item lettuce, described as, "A rich source of vitamin K and A, and a vital ingredient in any salad." This item... Is currently completely useless... In the least it should be a pet food. Maybe giving 10 to 30 health xp, since it is such a rare food. However it would be amazing if you could...
  4. L

    Taming a pet bug

    So I wanted to tame a pet so I got the item and used it. All the buttons worked correctly except for the shield. This is most likely because I use a xbox 360 controller and changed the shield from the Y button to the A button. It did work correctly when I changed it back, but I prefer to have...