1. karpach

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  2. A

    [GAMEPLAY] Temple of Seasons Story Mode Secrets Completion Bug

    I have unlocked all 5 chests at Temple of Seasons, yet it still shows my secret completion as 4/5 on the map. Checked multiple times that I indeed had 5 "opened chests" in the area, so unless there's another secret other than the chests, it's probably a bug. This is the only thing blocking me...
  3. GrayShadoz

    Secrets of Grindea! Tai Ming - Part 3 - Side Quests and Mini Bosses

    Hi! A month ago i revived my gaming channel. With that I have been working on all of my skills to become a better editor and commentor. Playing new games and rpg's that are open world are my favorite. I do reviews or 'Let's Trys' to show them off. I am also an invested Rocket League player, so I...
  4. GrayShadoz

    Secrets of Grindea - Tai Ming - Part 2 Crazy Apes and Wheres the Ale?!

    Hey guys! I'm Timothy, also known as GrayShadoz. I have finally revived my channel and with that comes more Secrets of Grindea one of my new favorite games! I've been playing this game for a while but I cant wait for a update! Hope you enjoy my gameplay! Click that link ^^ for my latest video!