1. O

    Where is Luke's mom after defeating the Final Boss on the Lost Ship (possible spoilers)

    After defeating the final boss, I wanted to talk to Luke's mom and brother... for obvious reasons. I checked back in Pillar Mountains (I don't remember where they lived). But wasn't able to find them in any obvious places. Just want to find out before I go into the tower.
  2. Faangzzz

    SoG Fanart

    I love the frontline story and the eye enemies are very cute. I want to pet them....hold them. Tiny creatures
  3. Jargalo

    Comics (Spoilers)

    So, after playing through the latest update, I got a few ideas for some little cartoons. I'll try and get them all down on pen-and-non-paper but who knows? Here's the first one, featuring everyone's favorite not-actually-a-pirate undead pirate captain:
  4. TyBraniff

    Rebalance Combat

    Hey Grindeans, [SPOILERS BELOW] as of 0.700a This is kinda a suggestion/opinion that me (and my friends I play with) have when it comes to combat. So first ill just come out and say I've played 33 hours now and have the game 100% as of patch 0.700a. Ill give you the backstory, Me and my pal's...