1. G

    [Crash] Error: System.NullReferenceException Version: 0.890b Steamy Hot Stable

    I recently bought a game and launched it for the first time. But it didn't work out, when launch the game, the "THE GAME DEADED" window pops up Version: 0.890b Steamy Hot Stable Error: System.NullReferenceException: The object reference does not point to an instance of an object. in...
  2. M

    [gameplay] [arcade] [stable] overspent gold at nurse, next award now 995M points away

    I know I'm supposed to report different bugs in different threads, but I'm pretty sure the first problem resulted in the second. This is on my PC running 0.800a So I'm running in arcade and I'm down to 30% health and I've got maybe 2K gold. I go to the nurse to get healed and end up spending...
  3. Captain Sparky

    [Gameplay] Severe Lag in Poison Gas Maze

    Hi, so I downloaded the new update that was uploaded today and got to the Tai Ming area, and when I entered a specific part of the poison gas maze, I was overwhelmed by a severe drop in frame rate and was barely able to position my character in the correct spot most of the time, preventing me...
  4. Carlos Martinez

    [Gameplay] or [Visual] [Stable] Trick Phasing Camera

    At a specific trick phasing room, the camera can get screwed up if you decide to go back for any reason. Before: Room: Result: