1. Kuno

    [Visual?][Arcade-mode]Archie shows up in the fight room where the NPC is housed.

    It's a machine translation, but I'm sorry. The version in which this occurred is "v0.949a". After winning the battle in the room where Shinsai? was captured, Archie appeared. After that, I inadvertently talked to Archie first. I had Archie do the job, but for some reason Shinsai? disappeared...
  2. L

    [Visual] Able to stand on a hole next to Number 3 Puzzle on Seasonne

    Hi! So I've been playing this game for several years (really love it) and finally decided to join the forum. This cave is the one on the left side of the Number 3 puzzle entrance. I'm not sure if this is expected, but I don't think so. Please check the screenshot. I'm playing on Frontline...
  3. M

    [visual]Camera gets stuck when it pans upwards

    When the character approaches either the forgotten tower or the ruined goddess statue past the sprout on pillar mountain,. the camera pans upwards. However, the camera will not pan back down, and it gets stuck in a position where the player is not centered on the screen and the majority of the...
  4. K

    [Visual]Quest indicator not disappearing after skipping translation tome

    If you already know the solution to the puzzle in the ruins in the desert (and therefore don't need the translation tome) then the quest indicator above Marion won't disappear after getting the gem. This is on the stable beta v0.890b The bug can be replicated by interacting with the writing...
  5. Mint

    [Visual]Potion menu during cutscenes

    When timed correctly after a boss battle or anytime a cutscene may begin, opening the potion menu may result in it being part of said cutscene. This occurred during a Multiplayer run, may happen during Singleplayer, patch was Stable 0.890b.
  6. O

    [Visual] Small visual glitch with Sand Raven when on cliff

    Small visual glitch when Sand Crow approaches you, while on cliff.
  7. O

    [Visual] Finder's Map #1 looks different than actual location

    The map image is different than the actual location, had me confused and not sure if I was in the right spot. Missing one cactus from the map image.
  8. B

    [Visual] Mop Ghost Interactive Even When Not in the Twilight Realm

    If you bring the mop ghost through all the rooms and interact with it in Mixe's room it will react, even when you can't even see it
  9. H

    Luke is invisible in ghost ship

    Playing in co-op, the 2th player can't see Luke in boss fight screen.
  10. Bakuan

    Pecko visual glitch

    If you manage to kill Pecko at the exact same time Pecko is about to fly, the shadow will still be there. I didn't wait to see if Pecko respawns or not because I was farming for the card.
  11. subaru313

    [Arcade mode][Visual][Gameplay] Grindea statue blocks entry

    There is a visual bug in some of the rooms with Grindea statues. In one of the rooms of the Flying Fortress the statue stands in the top wall, but is still assessible. This one was a little nastier: The Grindea statue and the season orbs together block the entry of the room so you can't...
  12. MrChocodemon

    [Suggestion] [Housing] Orb of Seasons - Grey is boring

    I think you propably know but the orb of seasons is missing 1 color and items change design befor being completely washed over. EDIT: @TripDering and @res7less are propably right and this is intended behaviour. So I'd like to suggest that the grey should be changed to something different...
  13. MrChocodemon

    [Gameplay][Visual] You can walk between pushable crates - Tai Ming

  14. TyBraniff

    [Visual]Flashback Orb wouldn't close.

    Me and a buddy where playing co-op and in the first area of the Tai area he was having lots of problems passing because the first flashback orb wouldn't close after the cut scene was finished. (It got stuck over the walk path and rift) This happened on the stable release.
  15. MrChocodemon

    [Suggestion] Fix Red's shoulder portrait

    His sprite and portrait have different clothing styles.
  16. MrChocodemon

    [Visual] Background missing for standard weapons

    As seen in the picture.
  17. MrChocodemon

    [Visual] The Gigaslime is missing an animation in the enemy viewer

    Right now the Giga Slime has the same profile picture as the normal slime ~awkward~
  18. Tylerthedragon

    [Visual] [Gameplay] Spinsect Glitch

    A few months back (before I took a break from playing the game) I encountered a bug with a spinsect where it would not die. I couldn't replicate it and record it so I left it. I managed to find the glitch again and this time was able to capture me recording it. What I think happens is that it...
  19. Moot1328

    [Visual] Bombs appears on the password screen

    So my friend and I were farming in the Gauntlet Room in the Toy Factory, my friend hosted the server. For some reason, my game crashed, so I relaunch the game and was about to join the server, my friend was still farming in the same room, by the way. On the password screen before you join the...
  20. Jenkolegs

    [Visual] Some distorted sprites

    So what happened was I did /taimingreset then tried to speed-run it. (Got the Plantae Hostilis card, can't wait for the art!) I skipped all the cut-scenes then when I arrived to the inner city, there was some strange distorted sprites which weren't meant to be there. I think I just went to...