1. Androidgal

    Summer Smite and Winters Bite

    Are these still items that drop? Or have I been wasting time trying to get them? I've been farming for hours and haven't gotten either of them. That I know of there is only one room in the temple that the Summer Knight/Mage's are at, so that's where I've been trying. Thanks.
  2. DarkMetaknight

    Winter & Color Blindness

    First of all: I beat Winter on Hard before, but after fighting him again to help my brother progress, I realized it was basically sheer luck as to how I beat him. (Blizzard safe zones weren't that far so damage was minimal.) We ended up switching to Normal for our mental well-being. (My brother...
  3. J

    Active Quests - A Frozen Fairytale Not Completed

    I have long completed the quest A Frozen Fairytale. I have beaten the Winter Fairy and am currently on the Mount Bloom quests. However, when I check my active quests, A Frozen Fairytale is still one of them. Is this a bug or did I miss something in Santa Fae?