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  1. DekuLeaves

    DekuLeaves Green Slime

    Hello ive been playing this game Co-op with a friend and after a certain point i cant say for certain when (i think it may have been at the Hydras) but suddenly my potions would not work, my character would do the animation of drinking the potions but the effect would not take place, this was with all my potions and all the different types of potions, i had three of them, so i have to play with a sort of disadvantage. if i start to host the game then it fixes the problem but i have a weaker connection so my friend starts to lag so we have no choice but to play on his game.
  2. DekuLeaves

    DekuLeaves Green Slime

    also i should add that my friend and i have both have gotten three flask on our individual games, i saw a post that, if the non host progresses that potion quest in their own game it would fix it, unfortunately that did not work for me
  3. CapnCrinklepants

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    This is still an issue :(

    My wife and I started a game last night, she was the host. We got to the sky temple before I attempted to use a potion; she could use hers just fine but my character would make the animation but nothing would happen. Potion stayed full in the GUI. A few things online said to progress my own quest to the potion point, so I did that and when he gave me the flask, it gave me a SECOND potion slot! So then I had two potions in Singleplayer. When I joined her game again, when I'd open the potions submenu, the second slot was bright but locked. I assume that's what it looks like when you legitimately have two potions and join a friend's game where they've only unlocked one.

    However, the part that really shocked me about this bug was that it unlocked the second potion slot for me in singleplayer. That should REALLY not happen! It's like the game is looking at and setting two different values depending on single/multiplayer...
  4. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    I think the cause of this bug has finally been revealed, and the reason it was so elusive is that it's a quite specific bug related to both networking as well as input!

    Basically, if you play with a gamepad and have the potions on the same button as the shield (for example, shield on A and potions on RT+A), the host will get confused and instantly cancel the potion drink by pulling up the shield. I'll of course fix this bug, but in the interim, you can work around it by moving the potions to another button!

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