A really specific Networking problem.

Discussion in 'Co-Op & Matchmaking' started by Esbeckett, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Esbeckett

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    So, I'm trying the beta DEMO (0.56g) because a special friend of mine asked me to. I really like the person, so I'd instantly hop off a bridge if she told me to. She mentioned this game and she wanted to try networking.

    I can port-forward, however she's thoroughly locked out of her gateway. I port-forwarded 6000, like it tells me to. She can't do anything but we figure since I'm the host, it should be fine.

    Maybe it's the distance (I'm in middle of Canada on a bad connection, and she's far end of the States), but we cannot seem to connect to eachother. The game pauses indefinitely trying to connect to me when my port IS forwarded, and gives a generic message saying it's the wrong IP if I don't port-forward.

    What ideas do people have? Is it necessary for both sides to port-forward, now? Can I avoid using Hamachi? I'd rather not because it does some not-fun things to my connection.
  2. MrChocodemon

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    There could be a couple of other things you both can do.
    1) deactivate the Firewall. Completely or just fo SoG.

    2) activate UPnP aka Universal Plug n Play. Some routers have this option just for games and work magically when activated... mine does. I can only to other, even with Hamachi, when i activate this.

    3) Use the correct IP
    The IPv4 is the one you have to Port forward to and the your WAN IP is the one "she" has to put in the game

    4) Maybe you've set up the the port, but forgot to activate it? Maybe it's not TCP&UDP?
    port forwarding.PNG
  3. Arveene

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    Is she playing the same demo version? I also noticed that the steam and non-DRM versions couldn't connect to each other when I tried, going to fiddle around more to see if that was a mistake on my end.
  4. Hobo

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    There doesn't seem to be any difference in protocol, steam is a version ahead on stable, and on the builds/nightly/whatever we call it is 2 versions ahead,

    DRM Free: g
    steam: h

    tl;dr- different versions, install the standalone to play with them
  5. Esbeckett

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    Hm, I notice my topic is moved. I didn't think it was appropriate to put it here since I figured I might look like a jerk if I didn't pay up for a copy yet.

    We're all using the same demo, .56g. I thought I did state that.

    I've dumped the NAT tables to see if that would relieve the problem since I so rarely do that. I can nix what Chocodemon said since I got that covered. The only reason I'd post is because it's not covered by the FAQ or common sense. There is also no UPnP on my gateway so I can't do much for that. Allow me to repost that my problem was "The game pauses indefinitely trying to connect to me when my port IS forwarded" and the game just continuously trying to connect knowing it's available, whereas it wouldn't try without the port forwarded.
  6. ark626

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  7. Esbeckett

    Esbeckett Green Slime

    I got it working ayways, and I said Hamachi isn't an option because it breaks everything else in the house. I just needed to dump the NAT tables. She got back and all is well. Perhaps "restarting your gateway upon people hanging trying to connect" would be good to mention.

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