An Abundance of Points

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by tkld178, Mar 5, 2018.

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    So at a certain point you have enough skill points to get everything you want and they just end up sitting there doing nothing or you end up getting a skill that you just won't use/is worse for your build. So what if you could turn them into talent points?

    With so many new talents added recently there is almost always something you want.

    Obviously a 1-1 would not work because then what would be the point of having different points? So I'm thinking a 3-1 point conversion will make it good but still make it feel like they are still 2 separate pools.

    In story a big point where points start to build up is after you finish the winter quests. At the start of Seasonne you probably aren't going to have enough points to have 3 skills full sliver points skills. As you go through you eventually get to the point where that does happen and you are in the temple and if you are having trouble part way through you wonder what your gold skill will do because you will have 4 gold points by now. You farm a little bit and you get to level 19, I think, and you finally have your gold skill and you finally push through the story.

    You now have enough silver points for 3 skills and a utility or 2 skills 2 utilities and a couple extra points. Even if you don't have skills you want by this point it will happen in a few levels but this is where it really starts. The points just start to feel useless.

    In story it can be an item given to you after you hear about your mom from dad and how it was something that you mother used to push past her limits and that you have now reached the point where you can use it yourself.

    It can even have a use in arcade though. You would have to do something special to unlock it and make arcade feel special.

    In arcade you are using everything you can to get an advantage. Wouldn't an early silver charge skill feel like you are having an active role in arcade and that you are making your own build and actually making progress in arcade?

    A 3-1 ratio could work here and even a 1-1 for gold to talent. If you feel like a talent is going to benefit you more that some damage you can use your gold points on talents. Of course you would want some of these points back at some point so maybe a triple or higher refund for using points like this?

    A system like this will make sure that levels are still worth more than a health upgrade into late game and something you can still be happy about. If you have something to add I would love to see something like this in the game so lets try to make this work.
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    Fortunately I saw your post before posting mine about the exact same issue, it certainly would be game changing for a build like mine, I don't even have any more quickslots. :bag:
  3. I can tell you right now, 3 talent points are worth much more than 1 silver skill point. LOL!

    After playing a little more I think I can agree with the "abundance of points" issue. But I think this is largely felt by the fact that skills can easily cap out at silver while giving you no means of reaching gold. Anyone with a brain will use up their gold points as soon as they can. And talent points don't have pre-reqs for being used. Thus, all that really happens is a stack-up of silver points. Exchanging points is an option but gets a little complicated...the value between a silver point and a talent point vary noticeably from early game to late game, I feel. Here are some other options.

    1) Increase the number of gold points earned. This allows you to actually use gold skills. And because gold skills would become more accessible, they'd also become more appealing and eat up those lonely silver points.

    2) Decrease the number of gold points required to reach gold charge. This is basically the same as the previous idea, but from a different approach. Actually, both ideas could probably get implemented in some balanced way.

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