Anyone Wanna Tackle Red Giga Slime with Me?


Green Slime
Honestly, that guy has been kicking the crap out of me. I'd really love it if I had a party with me to fight him.
I can actually beat this boss pretty easily, Literally just slash once and run every time, if there is slime on the floor, try to get into an area you can pull off a combo.


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Another tip would be to use the perfect guard to bounce the slime back when he enters his spinning spike mode.

But i'd be happy to help if you add me on steam
IGN: Realizze


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Also you can predict his movement pretty easy.
His moveset (atleast when I fought him) was 3 Jumps and then he released some slimes. So I took this moment to give him a good pounding and retreated before he could use his hammer-attack on me. If he comes at you with the spinning attack you can either run from it (if the arena isn't filled too much with slime on the ground) or just parry it.


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I've recently been trying to get S rank against red slime but so far only A rank.. If you manage to even S rank him I'd be happy to know :)