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    Operated by Kinton

    Generates a number of daily missions for you based on your skill level, adding a way to get bonus town gold, or just challenges to undertake day. Guarantees that Arcadia will always have -something- to do each day.

    Rolls up 3 randomized missions when first built, upgrading it increases the number of daily missions. Possibly awards bonus unlocks at certain mission complete numbers? 100 being enough to join the Adventurers Guild as a member, the same number Kinton requires in Tai Ming.

    Example missions:

    Slay # enemies with [skill]
    Slay # enemies with bow
    Slay # [enemy]
    Deal # damage
    Gather # gold in the arcade
    Catch # fish
    Reach floor # under the effects of [Curse]
    Complete # challenge rooms
    Achieve # room S-Ranks
    Perfect guard # times

    When you get higher up in arcade and do a few quests at a certain skill rank, it adjusts your skill rating higher and starts making them more specific, but awarding more gold.


    Slay # [enemy] with [skill]
    Slay # enemy with [silver/gold charge] [skill]
    Catch # fish in [area]
    Achieve # room S-Ranks in [area]
    Achieve # room S-Ranks under the effects of [Curse]
    Achieve # room S-Ranks in [area] under the effects of [Curse]
    Complete [area] under the effects of [Curse], [Curse] (and [Curse] for particularly high mission complete numbers and skill levels)
    Perfect guard # different [enemy]
    Reach floor # while skipping # combat rooms along the way

    Unlock ideas:

    Mission Counter - Arcadia equivalent of Puzzle Counter, displays number of missions completed in house.

    ... and that's it for now. :p Maybe this would mainly appeal to me, since I've run out of things to do in arcade mode and haven't really loaded it up in a long time due to a lack of anything to do.
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    I love the generell concept, but they need to be tagged explicitly in menues. It would be a huge problem, when players cannot differentiate between single time and endless quests.

    That's quite a big problem in Skyrim/Fallout 4
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    I was thinking they wouldn't be flagged as quests at all. Not occupying your quest slot, since that would get in the way of real quests, just objectives you could choose to complete while in the arcade. Might show up in your sidequests menu in arcade so you could check on them, remember what they were, though.

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