At 98% progress --> Help me troubleshoot what I'm missing! :)

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  1. MarbleCake

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    Recently stumbled onto this game on steam and fell completely in love within minutes, ended up gifting it to about half a dozen friends as well.
    At the point where I'm trying to finish everything currently in the game on a story mode file.
    I'd thought I'd done absolutely everything but the 98% progress number on the savefile tells me otherwise.
    I noticed I have a star on every location except pumpkin woods, and can see I only have 4/5 red question marks? And 7/8 scrolls?
    Anyone with insight on what I still need to do?
    Thanks! <3

    EDIT: I've done all 8 treasure maps, so the scrolls can't be treasure maps. And I know the red question marks aren't quests since that's what the silvery exclamation marks are. At a loss here as to what to do. Looking up walkthroughs/guides so far hasn't really shown me anything I haven't done already. Worried that I'm missing something very obvious hahahaha
    EDITEDIT: It was absolutely a treasure map (#8) and I just can't count lol. TY G-Meister!!!
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  2. The G-Meister

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    They are maps. Go read all of the graves in the Pumpkin Woods graveyard and you might find what you're looking for.

    Question marks are secrets. I dunno if the thing in the graveyard is that secret, but if not, check the cave to the north of the teleport plate and the chest to the south west.

    If that doesn't work, try this thread.
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  3. MarbleCake

    MarbleCake Green Slime

    Youuuuuu are absolutely right wow loool, ty ty duder, saved me so much wondering

    Your first suggestion was exactly what I was missing on this file. Ty for the quick help
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