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  1. Skaaj

    Skaaj Green Slime

    Hello everyone!

    As the title suggest, I'm a 24 years old French guy, living in France obviously.

    I don't quite remember how, or when, I discoverd this game, but since then, I'm eager to play it. Since I didn't have the chance to become a beta tester, I really hope that the game will soon be available on Steam on Early Access so I can finally play this all day long :D

    Apart of this, I play games on all of my free time. Currently waiting for Dark Souls II to come out on PC, because PC for the win ! I also own a PS3, but I mainly play console-exclusive game on it.

    I wish you the best with your game. It as a huge potential, and will be loved by many players, I guarantee it :D

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