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    Howdy. Yesterday i decided to start another game in the game to test and try a bow build for the first time. I usually never use the bow, if not necessary and i got curious about how the bow works and i made some tests.

    First thing that i needed to sort out: how does the bow damage scale? After not many tests i easily understood that bow damage depends only on the bow and not on any other stats. Which make kinda sense, since everyone has a bow and can use it, but... that also mean that bow damage can only increase when you buy a new bow and... stop. you can never really improve it (you can only increase arrow drop chance and draw speed, which is cool, but...)

    So: Your Bow damage is determinated within a range of damage based on your Bow.

    After that, i tried to search sinergies with other skills:
    • Berserker Style: "While in berserker mode, you will take and deal 15% more damage" - I tried this 2H build, but the bow damage doesn't get increased. Why? Intended or error?
    • Shadow Clone: I tried this one even if i didn't had any hope, since it declares that you will deal bonus damage on each 'basic attack', so... it didn't worked but that was expected.
    • Static Touch: "The cubes activate upon dealing 'physical damage' [...]". I believed that this spell could be super cool, since the bow isn't magic damage and i was sure that would work, but... still no damage, the cubes won't activate. Why?
    Not really happy about those choices, because these just means that doing a 'Bow build' isn't really possible, since there isn't really a way to improve it in any way, but buy new bows. which at maximum level, an arrow will deal around 750 dmg when fully charged, so you'll need around 3-4 arrows even for just a Hauntie in Normal mode. 6 arrows won't be enough to kill a Skeleton Wizard. and you can only have 20 arrows.

    Will ever exist abilities or talents that will help more or sinergize with a possible bow build? New Bow items, maybe?
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  2. KoBeWi

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    I think this only applies to 2H weapons and skills. So magic might be unaffected too.
  3. Paolo

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    That's what i thought too, but that's not what the spell says >.>

    EDIT: Actually i discovered why:
    The rage skill says that it will increase the damage dealt, but it actually just increase your Base Damage, so that any attack or skill attack based on damage will get this boost...

    But Bow Damage do not increase with base damage, so the '+% damage dealt' doesn't get applied
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