Bug: Can't complete "A Frozen Fairytale" after beating boss and obtaining the gauntlet

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by hitotsuke, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. hitotsuke

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    Me and my friend just beat the boss and obtained the gauntlet. Our quest text changed to "Return the artifact to your father" but he won't talk to us. When we talk to him it just says his generic lines and nothing about the quest. There's also no exclamation mark above him.

    Something on the side: I'm the host, my friend is always joining me, when he enters his world with his own character he's on quest one. Is this intended?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. MrChocodemon

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    He hasn't done any quests in his world so yeah, he should be at quest one. But if he choses to make the first quest, then he'll be asked if he wants to skip the quests he already played in multiplayer.

    The other thing surely is a bug, if you have the newest version. Can you check which version you are playing?
  3. Teddy

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    Weird bug! The quest update with your dad should trigger after watching the cutscene where you return to Santa Fae! Did you watch that or did you somehow manage to skip it? If you didn't watch it, you could try teleporting to Santa Fae and see if it triggers.

    If you have watched it and the bug remains, could you upload the save files (both the character and world file) in a .zip file to the forums? You can find the save files in %APPDATA%/Secrets of Grindea! Your first slot is named 0.cha and 0.wld, and so on.

    I just need your files since you're hosting!
  4. hitotsuke

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    Thanks for the quick replies! I'll inform my friend about the whole quest skipping thing, could be useful for when he wants to play alone.

    The other questions:
    We use Steam and it says the game is completely up to date, so I'd assume I'm running the latest version?

    I've added the files to my reply. We saw the cutscene with the but we never got ported to town after that. We had to run back a few screens before we could actually port out of Santa Fae (I think at the screen with the statue).

    When we arrived in town and walked to the father he didn't have any dialogue options besides the generic line.

    Thanks again for the help guys!

    Edit: Spoiler tags don't seem to do anything? Anyway, "we saw the cutscene with us defeating the boss and us taking the artifact" is the spoilerless version

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  5. Teddy

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    The cutscene you're supposed to watch happens in Santa Fae, the fae village! Where you leave Naniva, basically. What happens if you try to go back to Santa Fae? Does the cutscene trigger? (I'll have a look at the save file tomorrow when I wake up if your issues aren't solved by then!)

    You're actually not supposed to be able to teleport until you go back to Santa Fae, so if you've managed to circumvent that somehow, that's an interesting bug in itself!
  6. hitotsuke

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    I see, we were wondering why we were unable to teleport immediately, since the quest text said "return the artifact to father".

    It was actually my friend that was able to open a portal in the room with the statue (few rooms down from the boss room).

    We'll try to go to santa fae later today then!
  7. XqWyZ

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    I was going to report a very similar issue!
    I'm normally playing with a friend and I some how got stuck at the beginng of the quest chain in single player even though I already completed 100% the whole game with him in multiplayer.
    As the temple was cleaned I then reset it using /seasonreset and played through it again and now I'm also stuck at the end of the chain, because I can't turn it in. The gaunlet is already laying on the table, btw :D
    I then was stuck with the fae, which I removed with /byenavia
    Attached my "Characters" and "Worlds" files

    Hope you can help me too :)

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  8. hitotsuke

    hitotsuke Green Slime

    Forgot to follow up on this, but by going to Santa Fae the cutscene triggered and our problem got resolved! Thanks for the help!
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