changing skills, /respec, and the Dojo

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  1. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    I thought about that a lot. I mean do you just want the shady guy pay a lot of money so he resets all skill?
    Seems like an easy solution but not very fitting to wolrd and not atmospheric either.
    My first thought was the mysterious oracle but that felt cheap thiniking about it.

    My favorite idea right know is that, in the Dojo, Master Ji or a borther/disciple of his could be all like:
    "The mastery of fighting is not just learning and mastering skills but being able to adapt to different situations."
    He demands a lot of money for his services.... for the Dojo of course and you'll be able to reset all skills or just one skill.
    Cost depending on player level and skill points that get reset.

    Maybe even on the charges that have to be reset.
    Bronze cost 10 each while Silver cost 50, gold 125
    And that multiplied by the level of the player
    So a spell with 10 charges on a level 15 char cost 15x((10*5)+(50*5)) = 4500 Gold
  2. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

    honestly i think skill reseting should be free but in a set place

    changing your playstyle, just to try something new shouldn't have to take forever to do

    your idea Might be ok in early game, but having an endgame char (lets say lvl50) you would need to get tons and tons of gold

    at that point it would propley be faster to start over again lol

    i think it should be free becouse
    lets face it, it isnt unbalanced and it doent break the game in anyway other then
    "i tryed this and didnt like it so i want a refund"
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  3. DotD

    DotD Green Slime

    In my opinion, resetting your skills must not be for free. I actually think it should be quite expensive (or you can find items to reset your points, but the amount of that items in the game is limited [like 1-3 in the whole game]), you're supposed to spend your skill points wisely. Furthermore it is a motivation to create more characters in order to have different gaming experiences.
  4. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    I think money is no problem if you sell some items from time to time. After Farming Phaseman for some time i accumulated about 20 of his boots and helmets which are worth 1000 and 1750. after selling them you have [(1000*20)+(1750*20)] = 55000 which is in comparison to the 4500 which i need to reset my skill not very much

    You'd need around 4-5 Boss items to be able to afford it and in later stages of the game the money you'll get from enemies will increase in drops and in items.
    Seems not a problem in my eyes. It's not hard to obtain Gold and this doesn't have to be super expensive, as this can be tweaked as you want it.

    I don't see any pro to being it free. I just see a lot of money and no way of spending it purposfull. Having a use for money is a big plus in my eyes.
  5. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

    eh if you want it to be anooying then ok
  6. Pok

    Pok Rabby

    I don't think that needing to abuse easily farmable boss drops in order to make money to respec makes for a good system.
  7. I was about to post this idea when I found it.

    Giving the player the possibility to reorganize his skill points its a great idea, I hate to start a new game just because I made the wrong choices in the distribution of my skill points. Especially if I found an powerfull item with the old character, and can't find it with the new on.
  8. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    It's not about needing to farm endlessly, but i was farming. And you'll be grinding as this is the games nature. You should have enough money at all times and you could make it less annoying with say halve the price or less.
    I think it'll feel cheap if you never have really anything you need the money for. I don't need 100000 Gold and nothing i can use it for. That feels more annoying to me.
  9. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

    when the game isnt that far into the story

    we got no idea what items into the store might cost later down the line and other things we would need to sink cash into
  10. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    You should spend all your gold on the damage potions and feed them to your pet. :p

    I really like this way of looking at it as I haven't seen anyone else do it. I don't really feel like the respec is game changing except for the current exploit which could simply be removed to fix this problem in a later stage of the game. Being able to respec in a special area sounds like a nice idea and what would be better than having the Dojo guys fight you on your way there? Like 1 on 1 fights, then all 4 desciplines against you and then Master Ji himself? Making you work for the reward of respecing sounds just like the gold farming approach but I think this would be more fun. :p
  11. Schattenphoenix

    Schattenphoenix Green Slime

    I dont like the idea of resetting.
    What i could agree with would be something like "Readjusting your last 2 Skillpoints freely" or "Reset once free, but never again"
    It just doesnt fit well into "Grindea" imho.

    Though i would love to see the possibility to adjust the latest 2 skillpoints as it would make it easier to try out skills before actually learning them.
  12. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    I think it is nice to be able to reset your skill as it takes up to 8 hours in this limited beta to reach the full 125%. It would be kinda annoying to need to make a new char for every playstyle that you want to have.
    And i also think that making it free would feel cheap and it is pointless as you have money. Why not use it.
  13. Schattenphoenix

    Schattenphoenix Green Slime


    As I experienced games in the past 20 years, no one complained about D2 not having a reset feature.
    It just was like that.
    Resetting skills was a thing that I first encountered in wow (officially) and I know of many people that complained about it as you don't have to think your character through.
  14. Aurophobia

    Aurophobia Halloweed

    You have to take in the fact what this could take away from players.
    Respec'ing is in no way harmful, and it has no "not fitting into Grindea" thing about it. The /respec will be removed and it will be most likely be put on a npc, to make it feel more "correct" I suppose.

    Say if they do some nerfing to some skill that you really enjoy, or change the mechanics of it entirely, would you HONESTLY be happy with only being able to take out 2 points from it?
  15. Schattenphoenix

    Schattenphoenix Green Slime

    Thats the whole point of Path of Exile and noone complains
    So actually i wouldnt mind taking it out as it seems to be a debug function afterall.
    If you can use all skills with every character, adjusting to every situation in the game, it takes out a lot of challenge.
    Also it would just defeat all purpose of even having characterslots.
  16. Aurophobia

    Aurophobia Halloweed

    But they already plan to keep a respec function, just perform it in a different enjoy.
  17. Schattenphoenix

    Schattenphoenix Green Slime

    They shall do so.
    Doesnt mean i have to use it.
    It still defeats the purpose of skilling at all in my opinion
  18. illu45

    illu45 Green Slime

    I expect the devs have some ideas about how they want re-skilling to work. Frankly, I'd be a little disappointed if it was just 'pay a bunch of gold to some in-town merchant to reset all your skills'. I think it'd be much better to have re-skill items or something else that contributes to the flavour of the game.

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