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  1. Ulithium_Dragon

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    Yup that's the one, thank you!

    Time to go see if fighting them again will register them properly...

    EDIT: Yup, the bug was fixed by fighting them again, and the command worked. Again, thank you!
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  2. Aiyshi

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    so like i read somewhere that you can use the level commands in arcade as long as you don't submit your score, is that true?
  3. The G-Meister

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    I don't think they work at all in Arcade :/
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  4. ReamOfWool

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    What does /equip actually do ? It gives the exact same equipment each time I use it.
  5. The G-Meister

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    It's supposed to give you a bunch of gear to test with, but I don't think the command has been updated to give any of the more recent gear.
  6. Since we can level the player up... What about commands that raise the skills of the currently active pet? Like /setpetSKILL <Num> maybe?
  7. KoBeWi

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    /setlevel has a testing value, because you can try content with multiple levels thanks to it. Controlling pet level seems unnecessary to introduce command. If you want really OP pet, you can try Cheat Engine.
  8. I guess that makes sense
  9. The G-Meister

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  10. Skydive121

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    /name <name>
  11. oran

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    how can you undo the seed command in arcade mode?
  12. Skydive121

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    I don't think there's a command but if you just return to the title screen the seed command is deactivated
  13. oran

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    nope its not...
  14. Skydive121

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    Well it does deactivate the command for me so I'm really not sure what's going on sorry :/
  15. Chaldo

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    • /dcspawm = spawns in a damage dummy (only in Evergrind City)
    • /dc3spawn = spawns in 3 dummies in a group (only in Evergrind City)
    • /dcstart = starts the DPS counter for the dummies
    • /showping = shows every player's ping consistently (host only)
    • /arcadetransfer = allows the player to reset their arcade mode progress
    • /forget (quest ID) = allows the player to reset specific arcade mode quests, but the only quest ID's that we know of are the quest to find Candy and the quest to beat the Furious Giga Slime, and the commands to reset those quests are:
    "/forget _RogueLikeQuest_FindCandyForMuffinQuest"
    "/forget _RogueLikeQuest_OldmanRedGigaSlime"
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  16. roberto

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    Is this topic no longer being updated?
    According to the Steam News, there are other commands that I did not find on this topic:

    /skipgames will make the game skip the three mandatory minigames of festival
    /labreset will reset the progress made while inside the HQ during the festival
    (NOTE: These commands alter the local state, so in multiplayer all clients must type this in before the server to prevent desync)

    /speak to allow Naniva to talk again (undo /shutup)

    /neversubmit in chat will disable the 'Upload to Steam?' query after a run
    /toggletrunk in chat will let you enable/disable Trunk's speech bubbles
    /repet in the chat to reset the stats of your current pet

    /taiming2reset will reset the second zone and Puzzle World only, except for non-story chests
    /taimingreset will reset the entire temple (both zones as of now)

    /desertreset (reset entire desert)
    /desertsidereset (reset all side quests of desert)
    /desertmainreset (reset the main quest of desert)
    /farmareset (reset only the Farmamera battle)
    /solgemreset (reset only Sol-Gem battle)
    /marino2reset (reset only Marino battle in desert)
  17. Chaldo

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  18. Rachel

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    godshield - Gives all shields 100000 SHP, aka virtually unbreakable by regular damage

    /eqshield - Gives all shields a baseline 100 SHP, reduces all shielded damage to 10 (PG will take less) - aka all shields will now survive 10 consecutive hits, or 25 perfect guards. In theory, shields can still have different SHP with this system, but this hack will equalize all shields, even crystal

    /quickshield - Makes shields regen very fast when lowered, and also halves shield break duration. Can be used on its own or in tandem with the others

    These commands will be usable in Arcade Mode as well but will disable high score uploads!
  19. Rachel

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    [0.870d] They will be in the next update I think

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