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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by y-aji, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. y-aji

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    Some of the doorways in Flying Fortress are confusing, especially to newer players. Some kind of markings indicating an entrance may be helpful.

    entrance 1.PNG

    Also (less so):
    entrance 2.PNG
  2. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Ah, ok, I see what you mean now! We could probably indicate these entrances with some kind of faded, animated arrows on the ground. Or something entirely different! Some might see such things as a bit too GUI-ish and interfering with the world though.

    Would be interesting to see other opinions and ideas on this, actually!
  3. y-aji

    y-aji Green Slime

    I would use like an emblem or castle crest or something. Something that looks like it's in the floor, but maybe says to the player that you can enter an area. The only thing is if you do it in one place, you may end up stuck putting it in lots of places so the player doesn't have to unlearn what "emblem on floor" means.
  4. GoodStuff

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    While I myself didn't find it hard to make my progress through the Flying Fortress it is true that it looks a bit confusing. BUT, I don't think it will become a big problem. I think players will try walk there anyways because there is nowhere elses to go. (Puzzle solving is a skill the adventures will need anyways so if you can't find the door how are you gonna make it through the game!)
  5. y-aji

    y-aji Green Slime

    No, it's really not bad at all, but I did find myself testing walls that didn't have exits just to be sure on a number of occasions. That said, in this type of game, I do that anyway.. Haha..

    But, I mean, the last thing you want is having basic navigation be in any way confusing. That just gets in the way of the gameplay.
  6. Sushi

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    What about using light to help people understand there is a room there ? Something brighter on the border that diffuses over a small distance, toward the center of the room. Doing it that way may also prove more efficient because, as I understand it, you may not have to redo the actual art.
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