[Crash][Frontline]Random arcade mode game crashes

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Ikomu, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Ikomu

    Ikomu Green Slime

    First of all: Thanks for the great new expansion, you guys are awesome!
    I'm posting this not to complain but because I wan't to help out however I can.

    I've encountered some minor visual errors here and there, but also: my game crashed twice today.
    Once in the flying fortress on the loading screen between rooms (it just kept loading).
    The second time was in Mount Bloom when all of a sudden a second ancient statue appeared and the original one turned into an empty sprite that blocked the room from being cleared.
    I was using a combination of buffs and nerfs among which the one that causes an enemy from the next floor to appear in each room.
    Here's a screen shot of the latter: https://image.ibb.co/fwzCXS/grindea_error.png
    As you can see there's one crumbled statue and one intact boss statue.
    In both cases the game didn't shut down or freeze. I just couldn't advance to the next room.

    Another issue that might be worth reporting is that I can't always interact with some of the new items in the new bloodshop (where you pay max HP for items). This'll usually happen with potions and once with what I thought to be the new time rewind crystal.

    I just want to stress: This is in no way a complaint, I love your work!
    I hope this helps you guys with the finetuning process of this amazing new expansion, once again thanks a bunch for all the hard work.
    I'll keep playing and enjoying the game and if I find any more stuff that might help the process I'll be back here with more screenshots.

    Kind regards,,


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  2. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Thanks for the reports!

    Did this happen randomly, or after accepting a "clone all enemies" bet from the hooded man?
  3. Ikomu

    Ikomu Green Slime

    I think the hooded man may have been involved. The update a couple days after seemed to adress the issues perfectly. Great work as always devs!

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