I think the Smashie-Bashie boss fight in arcade right now is for the most part well designed. There's a noticeable amount of chaos, but not an OP amount of chaos. And the player is significantly rewarded for pguarding attacks. My only gripe with the boss fight is that it isn't particularly friendly to regular players (and in some cases, not even skilled players).

After the first cycle of the Smashie-Bashie fight (ie., everything that happens before Smashie begins throwing a barrage of snowballs for the first time), the player gets very little opportunity to attack. Smashie hurls a barrage of snowballs at you that you have to dodge. Next, he dashes at you. You have to guard or blink (or walk at an extremely weird angle) to avoid damage. Soon after that, Bashie does a mega ground pound and then Smashie goes back to throwing snowballs. Because Smashie will try to attack you during Bashie's pounds, they count as part of his shortened cycle. So he's more likely to go back to throwing snowballs before you get an opportunity to attack if you're dodging. You'd think that this cycle would eventually desync after several repetitions -- giving you at least a second or 2 to get in some attacks. But to my surprise, this cycle seems to be perfectly synced once it starts. And I think the major reason for this is that Smashie is programmed to leap back to throwing snowballs quicker after his first go. I could be wrong there about the programming. But whether the programming assumption is true or not, I do think Smashie needs to have a consistent and larger delay in how long he must wait to throw his barrage N > 1 times. This way, players are given 2 options: They can face the enemy head on and pguard the enemy to death...or they can skillfully dodge and then attack after things cool down (believe it or not, simply dodging is definitely a skillful thing to do there). Doing this is especially friendly to your earthspike/meteor/titan's throw/smash ball players. Of course, I don't think the delay needs to be enormous. But the player should at least be given some significant amount of time to deal decent damage.