Elaboration on 'Special Effects' in the item menu?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Own, May 3, 2015.

  1. Own

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    Is the Special Effect equipment vague by design and you want players to experiment with them and get a feel for the bonus, or is there not enough room for the exact mechanics of what they do, or...? I ask because I usually don't bother with them or don't pay attention to them, because I have no idea exactly what they do. It would be helpful if Special Effects items had some sort of menu option like the Recipe icon, that you could select 'More Info' from to see what they do, maybe?

    Archer's Apple: Raises bow damage? By what? +# flat damage? +#% overall damage?

    The Stinger: Reduces by what? #.# seconds? -#% time?

    Energy Shield: Adds power? Does this mean gain +EP? Or they do more damage? They can crit, and if so by how much? They home in on targets?

    Winter's Guard: What's the % to slow or freeze?

    Rollerblades: What % faster?

    Ice Crystal: Empowers how? +10% to all ice damage? Including summons? And/or +% to slow / freeze effect chance or duration from ice spells?

    Crystal Shield: If I perfect guard, is the damage to my shield reduced by what %? Or do I geta DEF boost for # seconds?
  2. Raeden

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    I always wonder what the special effect is too and I'd like to know. I just played the new content recently and obtained rollerblades but have no idea what the special effect does or how to even activate the special effect.
  3. GoodStuff

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    The Rollerblades add a passive gain to movementspeed while charging skills (and while shielding I think). I've been playing with Flamethrower a lot recently and I've put points into the Talent that does the same thing but I can't actually tell if it's working. Maybe the boost is too small or maybe it should be a flat amount instead of a % value. :p

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