Evergrind / Saloon Casino or Arcade?

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    Another potential endgame goldsink for getting rare items, or bits of furniture.

    All the games require gold to play, but payout in tokens. These tokens can only be redeemed for casino items and can't be purchased directly.

    Game 1: Slime Race.

    Other games in the arcade can be played while this one is running.

    Four lanes go across the top of the casino, each one housing a different type of slime. Green, Red, Blue, Orange.

    Green continuously hops along.
    Red rarely, randomly stops to gunk another lane, slowing the slime in it.
    Blue rarely, randomly stops to freeze a random competitor.
    Orange rarely, randomly stops to charge up a spindash ahead, if not interrupted.

    You place your bet on the order you think all four slimes will place, as in [2-1-4-3] from first place to last. If you get the winner correct, you get some tokens. If you get the winner and runner up correct, you get more tokens. #1, 2 and 3 correct, you get a lot of tokens. And the winning positions of all four awards a jackpot.

    Game 2: Precision Pummeling.

    There's a punching bag set up. Each time you begin this game a random number pops up. Your goal is to attack the bag with anything at your disposal as quickly as you can, to get your total damage number as close to that number as you can without going over.

    The closer you are when the timer runs out, the more tokens you get. Too far away and you get nothing, same for going over. Land right on the number for a jackpot.

    Game 3: I ran out of ideas that aren't in other RPG casinos for the moment. Oh no.
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    Oh, heck yeah. I just thought of a third really cool game.

    You know that game arcades have? With the light that spins around really fast, and you have to hit the button at the exact right time to freeze the light in the right place to get a ticket payout?



    Seems like a fun game to adapt into SoG. :naniva:

    Step onto the green and you automatically pay the entrance fee each time the crystal shoots a ball at you. If you don't have the gold, it doesn't shoot. Perfect guard it back at the crystal and the spinning purple ball stops on contact.

    If it stops on blue, you get no tokens.
    Black, minimal tokens.
    Red, more tokens.
    Yellow, jackpot.
    If it hits you, you get no tokens.

    Each time the crystal charges up a ball to fire, the wheel colors spin a few positions clockwise or counterclockwise.

    You have enough space in the green area to position yourself and perfect guard it back in whatever position you want, once you're good enough at the game.
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