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    I'm not the creator of these fan arts. The creator of these fan arts is 二狗现在十分蛋疼 (steam nickname), and I post this thread on behalf of him as he is not quite good at English. He is also the creator of the video series about some amusing bugs in the game (click this link to view).


    First comes the portrait of his very own character -- Arik portrait0.character.png

    A gif showing the progress (really reminds me of Vilya's working blogs).

    And a full-length picture. Sweet girl, isn't she?


    Now comes Arik's elder sister. A mighty female fighter who doesn't talk much. Quite fit for Luke, I suppose.

    A gif showing the progress.


    And finally, a message from the original creator of these arts to the developers:

    Hi! I'm from China, and I'm a big fan of Secrets of Grindea. I really love the story and the art style of the game, so I begin to try my hand at creating some fan arts (don't you think it a good way to make the characters in your mind go live?). If it doesn't bother you or make you unhappy, could you please make these characters into the game? You can put them anywhere you like, even at a very unnoticeable corner (Of course, you can also make a hidden easter egg room for them -- if you don't feel it improper :)).
    I really really love this game!
    -- My steam nickname is 二狗现在十分蛋疼, and I really hope to hear your reply! It will make me really proud!

    Original text:
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  2. res7less

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    Wow, those are amazing!
  3. The G-Meister

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    Yeah, really well done! :eek:
  4. Teddy

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    Indeed, that's some high quality fan art right there! Please forward our compliments to the creator (we're happy to hear he's enjoying the game so much, and we also like those bug videos he created) :D

    As for adding people's characters into the game, it's not something we feel comfortable doing, partly because we used to have a donation incentive for giving people NPCs (so adding someone for free might make them feel ripped off), and also because it would be hard telling one person yes and another person no.

    (on a tangent topic: for personal satisfaction I think soft modding the game by replacing a portrait and some sprites would be pretty easy - like, replacing one of the school kids or something)

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