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    Im not a beta tester and it makes it really hard to give right feedback, but I will still try. I saw on one of the videos that you had to move all together to move to other places, everyone had to be on the same map, so im thinking when the world gets bigger that you can move more freely between the maps so you still play together but when you want to grind for an item not everyone playing with you have to do it. Or for example if two people decide to do arcade and one of the players doesnt want to, he can grind for an item instead? Idk.. but yh thats all.
    - A Swedish Friend XD
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    That's what singleplayer mode is for. :p If your friend wants to do the arena and you don't want to, you can disconnect from their game, load up singleplayer and go grind for an item if you want. You can hop back into their game at any time, provided they aren't in a cutscene, it'll rejoin you with them.

    I like having people having to stay together within a reasonable limit, prevents anyone from furthering the story or completing some content without everyone else being there.
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    If you say so.. XD

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