First thoughts and a request for gold and item sharing in MP

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by camelotcrusade, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. caiomelo12

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    What about being able to trade just in normal mode(for casual players) and disable this feature in hardmode, for more advanced and hardcore players. Of couse changing the difficulty after the game started would no longer be an option.
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  2. SSJSephiroth

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    I still like the idea of being able to set it as you see fit.

    Also, I was playing with my wife last night and found myself wanting to pass on loot. It would be nice if that were an option.
  3. Zydrune

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    I'd like an option to give loot to a friend who needs it more than me.
    Maybe it'll be added in as developing goes on, cause I'd really enjoy an option like that.
    But, I'd like it to be an option not forced upon everyone; only if they want it. Like an off, on option.
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  4. Endasil

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    I really do not think difficulty in a game should be added by taking away basic cooperative features like trade. If you want to make the game harder for you by not trading, why do you just avoid using the trade?
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  5. Dulled

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    Well, giving the player the sole option to choose whether he wants to trade or share the items will be the best solution. After all, everyone has a different way to enjoy the game: some like a form of competition, others an easy-going casual sharing experience. You can't just force others to have fun the same way you do! Plus, a simple item level requirement would stop the game from being too easy.
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  6. Quote

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    1. We'd like a way to share equal gold.
    I'm gonna be honest, my friend was a short sword and I was a Great sword and I still had this problem. It wasn't a very severe problem, as we grinded so much that I had 46k and he had around 42k since I could wave clear much faster then him, but the point was it still happened. I thought, at first, that if I get 1 gold we both get 1 gold, if I get 2 gold we both get two gold type of thing. If that makes the game too easy, perhaps it should be split. 2 would be split between 2 people into 1 gold and 10 between 2 would be 5, but then you start getting into fractions and variables when you see a 3 gold between 4 people and the like so I believe the easiest way would just allow 1:1 ratio to all players with money, since it's not vastly important anyway.
    All in all, I agree with this since it was a slight inconvenience during the early game when we had to go back and grind since I could afford outright all of my new equipment, and he couldn't.

    2. We'd like to trade items, even if it's simply by dropping them on the ground
    This just happened to me as an inconvenience to, what I believe, is my own bad luck. My friend and I grinded off Jumpkins and he ended up having 3 masks fly into him, both from his own kills and my own, because they would just drop on his character with no way of stopping it (He even dodged out of the way of one and it flew over 10 yards to jump into him).
    Therefore, he actually stopped killing altogether, sat in the damn witches house until I got one for myself, which took for some ironic reason 20x longer then the other 3 dropped. What I'm trying to get at here is I agree with these points as even as a front line person, you can't control your surroundings and when an item drops within pick up range you are forced to grab it, even if you have 30 of them in the first place.
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  7. `Dev

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    I definitely think that there should be some trading system in arcade mode. I think most of us have experienced getting MATK gear when building ATK skills and a friend getting the opposite or vise versa. You also can't abuse it by getting op gear at the start as every run is a fresh start.
    I also think it would be a good idea to have item trading in story mode because of how the loot system is currently structured. Also, it might be an idea that rather than being able to trade all the time, you can only do it in a town (through a NPC or something). I do like the idea of trading being an optional feature.
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