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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Teddy, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Summary: A final touch has been added to the housing system: the ability to add, delete and move doorways as you like! If things are working properly, Stable will get the housing in a couple of days.

    Recommended level: everyone who's gotten past the first dungeon

    Update Description

    A rather vexing limitation to the house expansion system came to light when you guys started using it: the inability to add new doors (to connect more than one room to each other), and also to move a doorway to an existing room without deleting the entire room.

    To address this, we've added a new tool (Doors) that allows you to add new doors, and added the functionality to select doorways and move/remove them using the hand tool!

    This is the last Frontline housing update before Stable gets it, and, uh, this time we mean it!!


    • Housing: You can now add doors to connect existing rooms
    • Housing: You can now delete doors and move doors around using the hand tool
    • Housing: Made a totally brand new wallpaper for y'all, for sale at the carpenter!
    • Housing: Weapon displays can now be rotated
    Bug Fixes
    • Hopefully fixed a bug that would cause the audio to disappear randomly in Arcade Mode
    • The game will now properly identify if it's on the Frontline beta, even when the version is identical to Stable
    • Housing: The game will no longer crash when reaching the room width limit of 127
    • Housing: Canceling a wall decor move no longer turn the selected item invisible
    • Housing: It's no longer possible to 'swallow' furniture by resizing reshaped walls into them
    • Housing: Fixed a bug where new rooms would sometimes inherit the connected room's light settings
    • Housing: Fixed a bug where sometimes black boxes would appear around rooms with low light settings
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  2. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    Huh, I managed to crash the game in 5 minutes of using the new tool.
  3. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Do you know how you did it? I can't see any error report!
  4. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    But I sent the report D:

    Actually, it was hand tool. Game crashes when you try to delete door.
  5. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    I suspect that for some people the reports get blocked by the firewall somehow? I'm not sure, but it's happened before that someone says "I sent an error report and wrote X" and I couldn't find it... :(

    Anyways, it seems that it crashes when trying to remove a door attached to the starting room! How silly! I'll have to hotfix that.
  6. res7less

    res7less Jumpkin

    Looks like it's impossible to reposition side doors while objects are in front of them - they get picked up instead.

  7. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Nice find! The translation crews are out strong bug hunting this patch :D

    Both these things should be hotfixed soon (Steam's backend is a bit slow right now, due to the sale probably)
  8. res7less

    res7less Jumpkin

    It's not like I was actively hunting them. Just as last time, I just wanted to check out the new stuff, but they keep jumping at unsuspecting me. Might as well report those pesky things when they do.
  9. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    You didn't choose the bug catcher life. The bug catcher life chose you.
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