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    Summary: Take a good, hard look - it's a motherflippin' boat!

    Recommended level: 26-30

    Update Description


    Note: This is one of those real Frontline updates, where sounds are missing, some graphics are placeholder etc! The gameplay should hold up well, though!

    About making a boat

    The boat is here, continuing the story! Let me start out by saying we're very happy with how it turned out, and I think most of you will find a few enjoyable hours in there.

    Quality aside, though, we're not at all happy about how stupidly long this took to make. Vilya wrote about it on her blog a week ago, and it's worth a read I think:

    TL;DR: We started off designing this dungeon like monkeys and it bit us in the behind. We had to remake probably three times as much for this update than in any other. Some of it was due to our approach to the dungeon planning, and some was just bad luck - not everything that's cool in your head works out in game. We usually end up scrapping 10-20 % of things we thought would turn out nicely, but damn, this time we scrapped half the things we made, maybe more.

    Aaanyway, enough of the process and back to the patch!

    It's a boat!

    We hope you enjoy The Lost Ship, despite it taking so long to get! Remember, this is a frontline update so it's missing that final layer of polish, and we also welcome all feedback to improve the experience before the Stable patch!

    Next Up: As always we'll be fixing bugs, and then we're going to finish up the polish for the ship - sounds, missing graphics, and a pretty big side quest we've got planned. After that's been on Frontline for a few days, the whole ship will run ashore into Stable and we'll continue on with the rest of the game!

    We're not 100 % yet if we'll power through to the story-end before touching Arcade Mode again. It kind of depends on if I (the programmer) get some extra time on my hands - Arcade Mode is mostly programming after all.



    • Hit the deck - we're on a boat!
    • When 100 % completion has been reached, the 'how to get completion' zoning tips will no longer show up
    • Guardians will no longer shield Loods
    • Having 10 quickslots filled in Arcade Mode will no longer push the map down, blocking some things in game
    • In Arcade Mode, the quickslots now remember the player's preferred bindings per spell instead of per slot
    • When players are trying to zone (showing the gather prompt), they no longer collide with other players
    Bug Fixes
    • Charging Smash after a Perfect Guard now properly spawns a Smash Ball
    • Blinking into a new Arcade Mode room will no longer confuse the enemies in that room
    • Gold Charged Smash no longer bugs out the Red Spinsects in the Big Boulder challenge
    • Facegear equipment comparisons now work properly while masks are equipped
    • Fixed a bug where a specific timing of turning around with the shield put it up in the wrong direction
  2. Jotun

    Jotun Green Slime

    I can't get past the teleportation puzzle on the second deck of the boat. (past the room with the letter to Mr. Moon) It looks like you're intended to shift in and out of the ghost world mid-teleport, but either there isn't a big enough window to activate the ability or the game just won't let you use the two abilities at the same time. I wind up smashing into the first tentacle block no matter what I do.
  3. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    @Jotun There seems to be a bug where you need to restart the game to make it work. (or it happens if you enter the room while inside Twilight, but I haven't tested it)
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  4. res7less

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    Glad to see this update see the light of day before the end of the year. Well done, guys!

    After having sulked for half an hour after getting to the end of the current plot, I'll add my experience with the current update. I didn't really encounter any bugs I could report, so I'll just, as usual, throw in some random thoughts from a gaming experience perspective.

    - First off, I will respectfully call you masochists for making the decision to implement a mechanic (ghost device) that not only practically doubles the workload of the current update, but requires retrospective special attention to all potential interactions with some past areas and enemies. And that after an almost similar workload-doubling mechanic in Tai Ming. Of course such shenanigans take a while! Incredible job, though, the mechanic is very very sweet and makes you want to explore past areas and look for said interactions. And on the ship itself it literally adds a layer of madness.
    - Very satisfying to getting rewarded for exploration when visiting Tai Ming or Pumpkin Woods. Although I secretly wished I could speak with Tannie on the graveyard, it's understandable that those things would take even more time and are gimmicky.
    - Environment, sprites and animations perfectly aligned with the motto "Thanks! I hate it!". Meaning they are done really well to the point where they are awesomely eerie and creepy. Especially those maws in the floor gap are nightmare fuel. Great stuff.
    - Shoutouts to Riley for the great music as well. The ghost ship music sent me Monkey Island vibes and the piano solo in the bar (after getting back the pianist) is beautiful and atmospheric.
    - Playing through the torture chamb- uh... I mean, phasing riddles was challenging. The apple rewards didn't help either :D Design-wise, it was really cool, though, as it takes already learned mechanics and builds upon them.
    - Captain Bones is a COOL DUDE (reference, wink wink)
    - As always, enjoyed reading through all the main and side logs. Knowing nod towards the very sound explanation that is consistent with the chain of events there, as to why they are strewn across the ship.
    - The rest of the feedback contains MAJOR SPOILERS


    I wonder if you got your inspiration from Tranquility Lane or if that was your own thing. This part was my personal highlight of the update! So good! Everything about it was exceptionally well done, the animations, the dialogues, how everything gradually changes. As someone who always tries to inhale every piece of dialogue, after having done the second "thing", despite knowing it's an illusion, I truly couldn't bear to talk to all the NPCs which is how you can tell it had an effect. And I will later have to translate all of that, you monster! :bag: That's the first time there is dialogue I'm not looking forward to translating.


    No. No. Just no. Nonononono. Stahp. Why? Whyyyy? I mean, I get why, because this character combines the screenwriting components courage, unfair injury, skill, funny, just plain nice and loved by friends and family, so when something happens to such characters, it always creates the maximum effect. And despite knowing all that, it was still tough playing through it. And probably even tougher for you writing it. Ugh. I really didn't expect that. Slow clap. I mean, I expected a fight but I didn't expect that outcome. Still, finally getting onto the deck, seeing the happy emote above his head and when the portrait showed up, my heart sank. I literally couldn't bring myself to attack in the first round. Just in case it's not clear from my ambiguous reaction: I really liked the writing which is why I'm in denial.


    Overall, you managed to make that update more emotional than Tai Ming and that's saying something. I'm not sure I'm ready to call the area better than Tai Ming, yet, it all depends on how matters will be resolved. I mean, the game has time travel and possibly breaks the 4th wall, so everything is still possible (and people that died on the ship turned into ghosts). I'm mostly amazed about how, despite being so close to the resolution, there are still many questions remaining. At least one extremely important question about artifacts was answered by Braazlet's appearance which is what all of us interested in the lore have been waiting for.

    That's it from me so far! I'm sure I'll send over some typo corrections (if others aren't quicker) as I'll be translating. I did already notice a typo in the black screen texts, although I don't remember where exactly, but I'll keep you updated.

    The wait was absolutely worth it, marvellous update! Happy holidays and a trouble-free transition into the new year, everyone!


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  5. The G-Meister

    The G-Meister Giga Slime

    I'm on a boat!
    I'm on a boat!
    Everybody look at me
    Cause I'm sailing on a boat!

    Seriously though good work guys it's been great so far :D
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  6. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    I feel like the Twilight effect could be made more interesting. Well, it's cool already with how it affects the environment with creepy stuff, but other than that it just slightly tints the screen. It doesn't feel like you really phase to another plane, but more like you can just see what's there. Maybe this is intended, but IMO some slight blur or "screen tearing" post-process with sprite shadow trails would make it look better.

    EDIT: slightly diffferent more eerie music for Twilight would be nice too.

    Also, is the eternal moon curse reference to Infinite Tsukuyomi? xd
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  7. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    In my book, even being in the contention for competing against Tai Ming is a victory considering what a rocky ride this ship was to make! Thanks dude :D

  8. Jargalo

    Jargalo Rabby

    Welp... that was really something.

    First off, I just wanna say this was one of the coolest looking dungeons. The Twilight is really cool and creepy looking - I especially enjoyed the bit where I entered the room full of floating furniture and expected it to be held up by ghosts or something, but it was actually... weird ropes covered in eyes and tongues.

    To add on to this, by the way, I feel like this is a cool idea but would require a lot of work because, like, every piece of music would have to be reworked, right? What if the music was just slowed down when you activate it? That could help the vibe out.

    Spoilers for the rest of this:
    How could you do this??? You monsters.

    But, um, yeah... I still have my suspicions, and I'm just excited to see where things are gonna go next. I have a feeling I know where we'll end up but I still have no clue how we're gonna get there.

    Edit: Forgot to mention: I love the new dimension-shifting mechanic. It's probably the most fun one so far, in my opinion - the combat where you have to switch in and out of Twilight to dodge and land attacks is super fun.
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  9. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    IMO it could be done at least for the ship, but not other areas.

    Or this could be done procedurally with some audio post-process effects. Although not sure if it's possible to design an effect that works universally.
  10. res7less

    res7less Jumpkin

    Is it correct that the craftable Ponchos require cores from Tai Ming instead of the Twilight Essences?

    Also, is it correct that the 3 items from the illusion stay in the inventory?
  11. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Neither is intended!
  12. luzertx

    luzertx Green Slime

    Can find something new here with ghost device?
  13. res7less

    res7less Jumpkin

    Not yet, but I was speaking about things like how ghosties are visible the entire time, and how

    the water in Tai Ming and snow in Seasonne seems to emanate the same cursed energy as the Ghost Ship.
  14. luzertx

    luzertx Green Slime

    Yea, with ghosties was obvious. Didn't notice the water though. Is there any ideas who is that black monster\ghost guy behind the teeth-doors? Seems like a trader maybe?
  15. 정현종

    정현종 Green Slime

    Thank you for the update. However, the game has not been running since the last update.
    The game itself won't open.
    The country that is in practice is Korea. Can you help me?

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