Game Crashes when crows appear

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by katpurr, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. katpurr

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    For some time now whenever the little flying crows start appearing in the halloween area in the arcade mode, my game freezes. I cannot alt+tab, i cannot exit, ctrl+alt+del, nothing works. The game is frozen but I can still hear the noises of the monsters. It was fine at the beginning but as I started progressing and unlocking more stuff it got worse. It works just fine in the story mode but it completely ruins all my arcade runs becuse i need to restart my entire laptop and the progress doesnt save.
    I'm not really sure what the issue is but I could really use a fix, I love the arcade mode but I literally cannot progress past the floor 5/6 because whenever a certain boss appears the game just dies.
  2. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Have you tried typing /lonebats in the chat? There is another user on Discord who had a similar problem with the bats. The /lonebats command will lower the swarm density by a lot.

    If you're playing on a laptop with two graphic cards, you can also try to make sure that the game is being powered by the dedicated one and not the integrated one. You do that in your Nvidia or AMD settings!
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  3. katpurr

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    oh, they're bats? sorry my bad lmao
    i'll definitely try, thank you!

    edit: yep, it works!! thank you so much!
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