[Gameplay] Fishing While a Ghost


Green Slime
Greetings from the Discord~

Ahem, anyway, I got into a cooperative game with another player and we started fresh. After retrieving a fishing pole, and the teleportation plate from the Quest Master, we set out to the south to the hallowed forest. When you're starting fresh, the enemies outside of Startington are the best bet to level. Boars just south of Evergrind? Not entirely.

I was defeated, for one reason or another. Went to the fishing spot by the manor and noticed I had the prompt to fish. Hitting A on my controller, I found that I could indeed fish as a spooky ghost. Giving someone something to do while waiting for a revive is one thing; however, I don't think this is intended.


Note, the gray effect on the character in the first image is due to the Ghost Charm from Arcade Mode.