[Gameplay] Getting stuck in different times in Tai Ming in Multiplayer

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Millip, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Millip

    Millip Green Slime

    Hi! I found this bug today while i was playing StoryMode on Multiplayer with one friend. We both are on stable. I also tried to look through the forums to see if anyone else had reported this and didn't find any. Here's the bug:

    I was just beginning to explore Tai Ming with a friend but after defeating the Cursed Priestess only I got the cutscene of defeating her. My friend was able to move during that. After we went through the portal to the past only I got the cutscene, and my friend was stuck and unable to move in the present time. I was hosting, so he disconnected and rejoined and that fixed the problem that time. However it happened again after getting the key from the Military Barracks at the beginning of Tai Ming. We got the key and jumped down from the window, went through the portal and while I got to the past Tai Ming, he stayed in the present Tai Ming. It appears that he only got the cutscene of the Cursed Priestess at this point. He skipped it and got stuck at "Waiting for other players..." after that. Meanwhile I was able to move around in past Tai Ming and there were no issues for me. I couldn't go back to the present time through a portal because the game wanted me to do it with my friend. After that I disconnected and we both quit.

    I think this bug can only happen with the very first Tai Ming portal, as we didn't have any problems with the other player getting stuck in a different time with the other portals. We didn't explore the whole area yet though, only to the point where you get asked if you're having fun by the boy with the crown (forgot his name). Hope you get time to fix this at some point as it really takes you out of the otherwise great immersion.
  2. Teddy

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    Thanks for the report!

    When you say your friend got the Cursed Priestess-cutscene after obtaining the key and entering the portal, do you mean he got the cutscene where she spawns, or the cutscene where you go back in time and meet Sizou for the first time?

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