[Gameplay] Multiplayer Items Drop From Host

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by McJoseph, Sep 6, 2021.

  1. McJoseph

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    Confirmed in Stable and Frontline

    Not much outside of title, but noticed when playing with 3 friends on Stable and a different run with 1 friend on Frontline, when we went to drop Miscellaneous items for crafting recipes etc, everything would "drop" from the host no matter who dropped it initially;
    EX: Characters A (Host), B, C, D.
    -B drops 10 Stingers for C's 1-handed recipe, A and D are across the screen.
    -10 Stingers pop out from A's character, and D picks them up because he's nearby.
    -The Stingers came from B's inventory, and C didn't get them.

    Did a brief search on subject if this even counts as a bug so if not I'll happily take appropriate actions, thanks :)
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